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Complete Oral Drills 1 and 2 in the — До свидания! SAM — До свидания! Https://functo.gitlab.io/oriental/dating-advice-reddit-online-dating-online-websites-828.html Names Russians have three names: This is the given name, the name the parents select источник статьи a baby is born.

Examples are Михаил, Сергей, Екатерина, and Workheets. Most names have one or more commonly used nicknames. Екатерина, for example, is called Катя, Катенька, and Катюша by close friends and relatives. When Russians reach their twenties, usually when they acquire some degree of status at work, they begin to be addressed frse their имя—отчество omline formal situ- ations. The отчество is used only with the full form of the имя, never with a nickname.

Foreigners do not have an отчество. Unless you are Russian, it is culturally inappropriate for you to introduce yourself using имя—отчество. Russian last names are slightly different for males and females: Call all other adults, especially your teacher and individuals with whom dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free are conducting business negotiations, by their first name and patronymic.

But remember that last names are rarely used as forms of address: Профессор Петров is Виктор Николаевич to ovef students. Match the people on the left dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free their fathers on the right.

Сергeй 3. For example, a nickname for Евгений is Женя, and a nickname for Павел is Паша. Nouns denoting nationality also show gender.

dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free

Григорий Антонович Боский 2. Мария Петровна Петрова 3. Наталья Петровна Иванова 4. Фёдор Иванович Гагарин 5. Александра Михайловна Аксёнова 6. Александр Григорьевич Бугаев 7. Борис Сергeевич Максимов 8.

Евгeния Александровна Вознесeнская 9. Help restore the names by dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free in 500 missing letters. Note that in official Russian, the фамилия comes first, followed by the имя and отчeствo.

They are not separated by commas. Two nicknames can be used twice. Наташа 2. Аня 3. Саша 4. Боря 5. Лeна 6.

Пeтя 7. Катя 8. Маша 9. Жeня Митя Миша Паша Ваня Look again at the previous exercise and identify each name as male or female. Это мой друг Марк. This is my male friend Mark. Это мой брат Саша. This is my brother Sasha. Это мой папа Борис Михайлович.

Dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free is my father Boris Mikhailovich. Это моя подруга Маша. This is my female friend Masha. Это моя сестра Лeна. This is my sister Dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free. Это моя мама Анна Сергeевна.

This is my mother Anna Sergeevna. Упражнения Мой или моя? Case One way in which Russian differs from English is that Russian nouns, adjectives, and pronouns have flirting signs girls lyrics without quotes that indicate their function in a sentence. Consider these two English sentences. Mother loves Maria. How can you tell which is the subject and which is the object in these sentences?

In English, word order tells you which is which. In Russian, however, endings on nouns and adjectives identify their roles printablle sentences. The system of putting endings on nouns, adjectives, and pronouns is called the case system. Russian has six cases: Nominative Case The nominative case is used for naming. Nouns and adjectives given in the dictionary are in the nominative case.

The nominative case is used for: The subject of the sentence. Джон американец. John is an American. Prepositional Case—Introduction — Я живу в Амeрике. I live in America. Do you live in New York? No, in Michigan. Well, I live in California. In most situations, form the prepositional by adding -е. Sometimes we add -и. In a Place: In the city of. В becomes во before words that begin with two consonants wofksheets the first consonant is в or ф.

This affects three combinations that you are likely to use often: Упражнения Где они живут? Tell where the following people live. Где живёт Кэрен? Где живёт Джон? Иллинойс 2. Где живёт Кэрол? Арканзас 3. Где живёт Ваня? Санкт-Петербург 4. Где живёт Worksheetss Индиана 5. Где живёт Курт?

dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free

Монтана 6. Где живёт Саша? Москва 7. Где живёт Дима? Россия 8. Где живёт Мэри? Flirting quotes about beauty images clip art girls 9.

Где живёт Дeннис? Колорадо Где живёт Сара? Миссисипи Где ты учишься? Locate each of the places below dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free the map inside the front cover. Then use the names in sentences following the example. Note that some place names are provided in the nominative and some in the prepositional case. Ответьте на вопросы. Answer these questions with your own information.

Translate into Russian. Complete Oral Drills — I study here in Washington. He also lives in Washington. Cating — 8. She lives in Moscow. Я студeнт. I am a student. Я студeнтка. You might onljne this dash in flirting games at the beach game online free sentences, or in simpler sentences when the second noun defines the first: Москва— русский город.

Do not be surprised or frustrated if you do not know many of the words. First, read the initial questions in English, and then read the Russian text silently, trying to find answers to the questions. Грибоeдова, 34. Санкт-Пeтeрбург тeл.: Благодатная, 6 факс: Ssites kontakte.

What can you find out about the person shown? What is her name? How many different forms of her name do you see on this page? Where does she pcf How many photos of her does she have in her album? What kinds of movies does she like? What is her taste in TV shows? Does this person read only Russian frew Have you read any of the authors she has read? Do you share prinhable of her taste in music? Now go back through the page and find the Russian for the following words: In each unit of Golosa, we will follow sorksheets e-mail of Valya, a Russian exchange student now in https://functo.gitlab.io/oriental/anime-dating-games-for-girls-free-3883.html small college dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free the town of Centerport.

Valya is corresponding with Elena Anatolievna, a teacher from her last year in high school in Arkhangelsk. At this point, Valya has arrived in New York, where she will stay for a few days before she takes a bus to Centerport, where she will live with a family and enroll in the local college.

Я в Нью-Йорке! Но вот сюрприз: Он уже наш друг. Вот они на фотографии. Вопросы a. Валя в Нью-Йорке или в Москвe? Кто мeнеджер dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free Как его зовут? Как зовут его дочь? Грамматика в контексте a. What words are in страница prepositional case in this e-mail?

Here пока prijtable for now. In what other context have you seen it? Давайте послушаем Расписание.

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You just arrived in Moscow to study Russian. On the first day of class, the program director reads the schedule to you. The list of teach- ers is given below. You are an American reporter in Moscow attending a press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A government spokesperson is announcing the names of a delegation to an important meeting in Washing- ton. Check them against the list you were given earlier. There are more names on your list than in the announcement. Listen to the announcer read the names of the people invited to a party. здесь off the names you hear.

How do you know? I live. Ты живёшь. You live. You go to school? Вы учитесь? Good morning! Good evening! Good afternoon! Здравствуй те! What is your name? Как ваша фамилия? What is your last name? Как ваше отчество? What is your patronymic? What did нажмите чтобы перейти say? My name is. Немного о себe. Let me introduce you! Get acquainted! So long! Excuse me! Vanya lives. Where do they live?

Давайте послушаем! Давайте почитаем! How do you say in Russian. Answer the questions. O чём идёт peчь? What are we talking about? Allow me to introduce myself. What https://functo.gitlab.io/oriental/dating-apps-free-for-women-near-me-free-online-4407.html what?

Что vs. Это vs. What will dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free take? Что у меня есть? Which words go together? A https://functo.gitlab.io/oriental/dating-simulator-games-pc-online-free-sites-1325.html of Russian technical terminology is borrowed from English. Match the pictures with the words. Are there any words you do not recognize?

Which items do you own?

dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free

Here are some things that people read. Do you have any of these things with you? In order to enter Russia, you need документы: The police милиция could ask you перейти на источник show your документы on the street or in the metro.

All Rus- sians carry an internal fere with them as identi- fication. If you have something to declare at customs таможня you may be asked to fill out a customs declaration декларация upon entering or leaving Russia. Can you find these objects in your classroom?

Here are some useful adjectives.

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Organize the Russian words into opposites or contrasting pairs. It will be easier to remember them that way. После таможни. Разговаривают Мэри и Катя.

What is Katya commenting on? Dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free does Mary workshedts in the suitcase? Pintable приездом! Rating Валера и Джим. What does Jim have in the lighter suitcase? What does Jim have in the heavier suitcase? What gift has Jim brought for Valera? И вот мы дома! Разговаривают Кейти и Людмила Павловна. What does Katie say about the room? What printzble Katie give to Ludmila Pavlovna?

What does Ludmila Pavlovna say? C приездoм! Ну, как ты? Где твой C приездoм! Use this phrase only to чемодан?

Что у тебя в чемодане? Компьютер, фотоаппарат, книги, подарки. Ты молодец! Как ты? Use this form of praise only — Хорошо, спасибо. Здравствуй, Катя! It is — Это твой чемодан? Ой, какой not appropriate to большой! Тут у меня только like this. Интересно, какие? Последние версии. Вот тапочки. Будьте как дома! И окна какие большие! Вот кровать, письменный стол. Вот и всё. А это что у вас? А вот маленький подарок, Людмила Павловна. Какие здесь хорошие фотографии! Спасибо большое!

Это моя дочь Юля. А это её сын Саша. Здравствуй, Саша! Это большой город в штате Огайо. У вас есть фотографии? Это наш дом и наша машина. А это мама и папа. Упражнения к gиалогам У вас. Working with a partner, ask and answer questions as in the models.

Да. Dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free to someone at the lost baggage desk and explain what was in your suitcase. List at least ten items, using as many dating advice ask movie trailer 2018 and adjectives as you can to describe them see the list on p.

Use the dialog below to model your conversation. Datijg мой чемодан? На я на работе — 1. У. List pver few things your friend should bring by asking if your friend has these items.

У тебя. Give the color of each item.

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What ten things would you like to get for your birthday? Describe at least five of your dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free using adjectives. Sasha and Lena have invited you to visit them in Moscow for two weeks in April.

With a friend helping you, make a list of ten things to pack. You can use the following dialog to help you figure out what you need. Others in the group will на этой странице questions in Russian to find out what the gift is.

Подарок большой или маленький? Это одежда? Это блузка? Это техника? Это аудиоплеер? How might your hosts ask you these questions? Practice asking and answering them, using the dialogs as your guide. Review the dialogs again. Working with a partner, practice responding frwe the following situations, then switch roles.

Какой большой чемодан! Больше на странице в чемодане? Это подарок. Большое спасибо! У меня адрес машина. Кто это? Чья это машина? Ваш город красивый? You have just arrived in Russia for a homestay. Get acquainted with your host. Your flight arrives in a large Russian city.

Your Russian host family meets you there. Act out your arrival at the airport. Explain what items you have brought with you. Working with a partner, prepare and act out a situation that deals with the pdd of this unit. Act as translator for them. Note that the Russian speaker starts the conversation. Thank you! Nice to meet you! My coat? Here it is. This dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free suitcase is 500.

The big suitcase is mine too. Clothes and books. My computer, camera, and presents. You can usually tell the gender of a noun by looking at its last letter in the nominative singular the dictionary form.

dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free

For example, there is nothing inherently feminine about a newspaper. The gender of animate nouns usually matches their meaning. The grammatical ending of cтудентка, female student, is feminine. Some masculine and neuter nouns cross gender lines. These include: Masculine nouns that look feminine. Some family members like папа and many male Russian nicknames such as Ваня, Витя, Толя, and Саша are masculine but look feminine — with endings in -а or -я.

Neuter nouns ending in -мя. These nouns look feminine but in fact are neuter. Russian has only ten of them, one of which you have already seen: What about nouns that end in -ь? Some nouns ending in -ь are masculine omline — dictionary dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free some feminine тетрадь — notebook.

None are daating. In glossaries ;df mark -ь words as он or. Absent-minded Masha Маша-растеряша loses every- thing. As she finds each item she says: Где фотоаппарат? А, вот он! А, вот она!

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dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free

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dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free

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This site was set up in by Futonge Kisito with students and teachers in mind. The goal was to create a place where students can practice English Online using interactive exercises. It was also for teachers to use as a study lab where they can bring their students for extra practice. These grammar and vocabulary resources will save English teachers lesson planning time and offer students a great free opportunity at online self-study.

Adult activities. Pronunciation and intonations updates- Phonetic vowels videovowels sounds mp3 downloadfree vowel sounds audio book for both students and teachers Teachers please phonetic worksheets here!! Interactive vocabulary and grammar quizzes for Advanced students have been updated. Elementary video lessons learn vocabulary, related to jobs, clothes,months, vegetables, fruits more Higher level video lessons. You will find grammar and vocabulary self-grading exercises for beginners and young learners Elementary ESL quizzes: Pre-intermediate ESL quizzes: Find quizzes that cover most grammar and vocabulary points of this level.

Quizzes for high level students, vocabulary related to things like politics, alternative therapy, banking and much more Online word search puzzles for ESL Students to practice grammar and vocabulary in a fun way. Drag and Drop Cloze Exercise, Spelling and gap fills on line.

Dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free Fools, Earth Day, and More: Rate this Category. Rowling Hotel Review: Sort by: Most Recent Most Viewed Rating. Interpreting Symbols - Literature HelpTeaching.

Symbols frequently appear in literature and advertisements. Dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free this worksheet, students practice determining the meaning of common symbols found in literature.

Find more figurative language work Practice identifying cause and effect relationships in a passage with this informational text worksheet featuring four dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free passages and a multiple choice question based on each passage. Find mor Help students understand metaphors and learn to analyze poetry with a short worksheet featuring the poem "My Bed is a Boat" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

In addition to including the text of the poem Dating online sites free over 50 printable worksheets pdf free is a one page worksheet. It works well for upper-intermediate student. I usually warm up my class by asking intro questions such Do you enjoy reading books? Have you tried reading books in Reading for Adults: This worksheet is one page of reading and a second page of discussion not comprehension questions.

Put BusyTeacher in your inbox. This is the second reading worksheet in this series for adult learners of English. Generally, I give these w This is one page of reading, with some questions on the back. I made these worksheets as the first ste This reading comprehension includes some interesting information about the River Thames.

Students must read the text and answer the accompanyin Did you know that the Red Wolf Canis Rufus is the most endangered of all the wolf species? Students are asked to fill in the missing information and then fill in the missing words using the word The first part of the worksheet is a simple listening comprehension exercise in which the students must listen and complete the lyrics of the famous song "Hotel California" by the Eagles.

Did you know that male gorillas are called silverbacks? How much do your students know about the gentle mountain gorilla? Students are asked to apps for iphone 7 plus size in the missing information and then fill in the The circus story has been modified slightly from the original text source incl.

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