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Eight hundred Barnard College girls snake-danced on Morningside Heights in New York; and in Times Square, early in the morning, a girl mounted the platform of "Liberty Hall," a building set up for war-campaign purposes, and sang the "Doxology" before hushed crowds. Yet as if to mock the Wilsonian statement about "sober, friendly flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list there were contrasting celebrations in which the mood was not that of pious thanksgiving, but of triumphant hate.

Crowds burned the Kaiser in effigy. In New York, a dummy of the Kaiser was washed down Wall Street with a firehose; men carried a coffin made of soapboxes up and down Fifth Avenue, shouting that the Kaiser was within it, "resting in pieces"; and on Подробнее на этой странице at Seventieth Street a boy drew pictures of the Kaiser over and over again on the sidewalk, to give the crowds the delight of trampling on them.

But a million men--to paraphrase Bryan--cannot spring from arms overnight. There were still over three and a half million Americans in the military service, over two million of them in Europe.

Uniforms were everywhere. Not only the news columns of the papers, but the advertisements also, showed the domination of wartime emotions. And even as the process of demobilization got definitely under way, as the soldiers began to troop home from the camps, as censorship was done away with and lights were permitted to burn brightly again and women began to buy sugar with an easy conscience; even as this glorious peace began to seem a reality and not a dream, the nation went on thinking with the mind of people at war.

They had learned during the preceding nineteen months to strike down the thing they hated--not to argue or hesitate, but to strike. Germany had been struck down, but it seemed that there was another danger on the horizon. They struck at it--or at what they thought was it. A week after the Armistice, Mayor Hylan of New York forbade the display of the red flag in the streets and ordered the police to "disperse all unlawful assemblages.

It took twenty-two mounted policemen to break up the milling mob and restore order. Again soldiers and sailors were the chief offenders. One of the victims was a conservative stockbroker. He was walking up Lexington Avenue with a lady, and seeing the yelling crowd, he asked someone what all the excitement was about. These demonstrations were to prove the first of a long series of post-war anti-Red riots. The nation at war had formed the habit of summary action, and it was not soon unlearned.

The circumstances and available methods had changed, that was all. Employers who had watched with resentment the rising scale of flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list paid to labor, under the encouragement of a government that wanted no disaffection in the ranks of the workers, now felt that their chance had come. The Germans were beaten; the next thing to do was to teach labor a lesson.

Labor agitators were a bunch of Bolsheviks, anyhow, and it was about time that a man had a chance to make a decent profit in his business. Meanwhile labor, facing a steadily mounting cost of living, and realizing that it was no longer unpatriotic to strike for higher wages, decided to teach the silk-stockinged profiteering employer a lesson in his turn.

The result was a bitter series of strikes and lockouts. There was a summary action with regard to liquor, too. During the war alcohol had been an obvious menace to the fighting efficiency of the nation.

The country, already largely dry by state law and local option, had decided to banish the saloon once and for all. War-time psychology was dominant; no halfway measure would serve. The War-time Prohibition Act was already on the books жмите due to take effect July 1, But this was not enough. The Eighteenth Amendment, which would make prohibition permanent and so it was thought effective, had been passed by Congress late inand many of the states had ratified it before the war ended.

With the convening of the state legislatures in January,the movement for ratification went ahead with amazing speed. The New York Tribune said that it was "as if a sailing-ship on a windless ocean were sweeping ahead, propelled by some invisible force. By January 16th--within nine weeks of the Armistice--the necessary thirty-six States had ratified the Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list. Even New York State fell in line a few days later.

Whisky and the "liquor ring" were struck at as venomously as were the Reds. There were some misgivings, to be sure; there were those who pointed out that three million men in uniform might not like the new dispensation; but the country was not in the mood to think twice. Prohibition went through on the tide of the war spirit of "no compromise.

Yet though the headlong temper of war-time persisted after the Armistice, in one respect the coming of peace brought about a profound change. During the war the nation had gone about its tasks in a mood of exaltation. Top sergeants might remark that the only good Hun was a dead one and that this stuff about making the world safe for democracy was all bunk; four-minute speakers might shout that the Kaiser ought to be boiled in oil; the fact remained that millions of Americans were convinced that they were fighting in a holy cause, for the rights of oppressed nations, for the end of all war forever, for all that the schoolmaster in Washington so eloquently preached.

The singing of the "Doxology" by the girl in Times Square represented their true feeling as truly as the burning of the Kaiser in effigy. The moment the Armistice was signed, however, a subtle change began. Now those who had never liked Wilson, who thought that he had stayed out of the war too long, that milk and water ran in his veins flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list of blood, that he should never have been forgiven for his treatment of Roosevelt and Wood, that he was a dangerous radical at heart and a menace to the capitalistic system, that he should never have appealed to the country for the election of a Democratic Congress, or that his idea of going to Paris himself to the Peace Conference was a sign of egomania--these people began to speak out freely.

There were others who were tired of applauding the French, or who had ideas of their own about the English and the English attitude toward Ireland, or who were sick of hearing about "our noble Allies" in general, or who thought that we had really gone into the war to save our узнать больше здесь skins and that the Wilsonian talk about making the world safe for democracy was dangerous and hypocritical nonsense.

They, too, began to speak out freely. As the first weeks of peace slipped away, it began to appear doubtful whether the United States was quite as ready as Woodrow Wilson had thought "to assist flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list the establishment of just democracy flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list the world.

But the mind of Mr. Wilson, too, had been molded by the war. Since April,his will had been irresistible. In the United States open opposition to his leadership had been virtually stifled: His message and speeches had set the tone of popular thought about American war aims and the terms of eventual peace.

In Europe his eloquence had proved so effective that statesmen had followed his lead perforce and allowed the Armistice to be made upon his terms. All over the world there were по этому сообщению upon millions of men and women to whom his words were as those of a Messiah. Now that he envisioned a new world order based upon a League of Nations, it seemed inevitable to him that he himself should go to Paris, exert this vast and beneficent power, and make the vision a reality.

The splendid dream took full possession of him. Critics like Senator Lodge and even associates like Secretary Lansing might object that he ought to leave the negotiations to subordinates, or that peace should be made with Germany first, and discussion of the League postponed, in order to bring an unsettled world back to equilibrium without delay; but had he not silenced critics during the war and could he not silence them again?

Frederick Lewis Allen (1890-1954)

As the crowds along the waterfront shouted their tribute and the vessels in the harbor tooted their whistles and the guns roared in a presidential salute, Woodrow Wilson, standing on the bridge of the George Washington, eastward bound, must have felt that destiny was on his side. The events of the next few weeks only confirmed him in this feeling.

He toured France and England and Italy in incredible triumph. Never had such crowds greeted a foreigner on British soil. His progress through the streets of London could be likened only to a Coronation procession. In Italy the streets were black with people come to do him honor.

I saw Foch pass, Clemenceau pass, Lloyd George, generals, returning troops, banners, but Wilson heard from his carriage something different, inhuman--or superhuman. If, when the Conference met, he could only speak so that they might hear, no diplomatists of the нажмите чтобы прочитать больше order could withstand him.

Destiny was taking him, and the whole world with him, toward a future bright with promise. But, as it happened, destiny had other plans.

In Europe, as well as in America, idealism was on the ebb. Now that the Germans were beaten, a score of jealous European politicians were wondering what they could get out of the settlement at Paris for their own national ends and their own personal glory. They wanted to bring home the spoils of war. They heard the mob applaud Wilson, but they knew that mobs are fickle and would applaud annexations and punitive reparations with equal fervor. They went to Paris determined to make a peace which would give them plunder to take home.

As early as December 21,Henry Cabot Lodge, intellectual leader of the Republicans in the Senate, announced that the Senate had equal power with the President in treaty-making and should make its wishes known in advance of the negotiations.

He said that there would be quite enough to do at Paris without raising the issue of the League. Lodge and a group of his associates wanted Germany to be disarmed, saddled with a terrific bill for reparations, продолжить чтение if possible dismembered. They were ready to give to the Allies large concessions in territory. And above all, they wanted nothing to be included in the peace settlement which would commit the United States to future intervention in European affairs.

They prepared to examine carefully any plan for a League of Nations which might come out of the Conference and to resist it if it involved "entangling alliances. Wilson was between two fires. He might not realize how they threatened him, but they were spreading. The tide of events, had Wilson but known it, was turning against him.

Human nature, the world over, was beginning to show a new side, as it has shown it at the end of every war in history. The compulsion for unity was gone, and division was taking приведенная ссылка place.

The compulsion for idealism was gone, and realism was in the ascendant. Nor did destiny work only through the diplomats of the Old World and the senatorial patriots of the New.

It worked also through the peculiar limitations in the mind and character of Woodrow Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list himself. The very singleness of purpose, the very uncompromising quality of mind that had made him a great prophet, forced him to take upon his own shoulders at Paris an impossible burden of responsible negotiation.

It prevented him from properly acquainting his colleagues with what he himself was doing at the sessions of the Council of Ten посмотреть больше the Council of Four, and from getting the full benefit of their suggestions and objections.

It prevented him from taking the American correspondents at Paris into his confidence and thus gaining valuable support at home. Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list made him play a lone hand. Again, his intelligence was visual rather than oral.

As Ray Stannard Baker has well put it, Wilson was "accustomed to getting his information, not from people, but out of books, documents, letters--the written word," and consequently "underestimated the value of. When Clemenceau and Lloyd George and Orlando got him into the Council of Four behind closed doors, where they could play the game flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list treaty-making like a four-handed card game, they had already half defeated him.

A superman might have gone to Paris and come home completely victorious, but Woodrow Wilson could not have been what he was and have carried the day. Suffice it to flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list that he fought stubbornly and resourcefully, and succeeded to a creditable extent in moderating the terms of the Treaty.

The European diplomats wanted to leave the discussion of the League until after the territorial and military settlements had been made, but he forced them to put the League first. Sitting as chairman of the commission appointed to draw up the League Covenant, he brought out a preliminary draft which met, as he supposed, the principal objections to it made by men at home like Taft and Root and Lodge. In Paris he confronted a practically unanimous sentiment for annexation of huge slices of German territory and of all the German colonies; even the British dominions, through their premiers, came out boldly for annexation and supported one another in their colonial claims; yet flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list succeeded in getting the Conference to accept the mandate principle.

He forced Clemenceau to modify his demands for German territory, though he had to threaten to leave Paris to get his way. He forced Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list to accept less land than she wanted, flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list he had to venture a public appeal to the conscience of the world to do it.

Again and again it was he, and he only, who prevented territories from being parceled out among the victors without regard to the desires of their inhabitants. To read the day-to-day story of the Conference is to realize that the settlement would have been far more threatening to the future peace of the world had Woodrow Wilson not struggled as he did to bring about an agreement fair to all.

Yet the result, after all, was a compromise. The Treaty followed in too many respects the provisions of the iniquitous secret treaties of war-time; and the League Covenant which Wilson had managed to imbed securely in it was too rigid and too full of possible military obligations to suit an American people tired of war and ready to get out of Europe once and for all. The President must have been fully aware of the ugly imperfections flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list the Treaty of Versailles as he sailed back to America with it at the end of June,more than six months after his departure for France.

He must have realized that, despite all his efforts, the men who had sat about the council table at Paris had been more swayed by fear and hate and greed and narrow nationalism than by the noble motives of which he had been the mouthpiece. No rational man with his eyes and ears open could have failed to sense the disillusionment which was slowly settling down upon the world, or the validity of many of the objections to the Treaty which were daily being made in the Senate at Washington.

Yet what could Wilson do? Could he come home to the Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list and the American people and say, in effect: He could not; he had committed himself to each and every clause; he had signed the Treaty, and must defend it.

Could he admit that the negotiators at Paris had failed to act in the unselfish spirit which he had proclaimed in advance that they would show? To do this would be to admit his own failure and kill his own prestige. Having proclaimed before the Conference that the settlement would be righteous and having insisted during the Conference that it was righteous, how could he admit afterward that it had not been righteous? The drift of events had caught him in a predicament from which there seemed to be but one outlet of escape.

He must go home and vow that the Conference had been a love-feast, that every vital decision had been based on the Fourteen Points, that Clemenceau and Orlando and Lloyd George and the rest had been animated by an overpowering love for humanity, and that the salvation of the world depended on the complete acceptance of the Treaty as the charter of a new and idyllic world order.

That is what he did; and because the things he said about the Treaty were not true, and he must have known--sometimes, at least--that they were not, the story of Woodrow Wilson from this point on is sheer tragedy. He fell into the pit which is dug for every idealist. Having failed to embody his ideal in fact, he distorted the fact. He pictured the world, to himself and to others, not as it was, but as he wished it to be. The optimist became a sentimentalist. The story of the Conference which he told to the American people when he returned home was a very beautiful romance of good men and true laboring without thought of selfish advantage for the welfare of humanity.

He said that if the United States did not come to the aid of mankind by endorsing all that had been done at Paris, the heart of the world would be broken. But the only heart which was broken was his own. Henry Cabot Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list was a gentleman, a scholar, and an elegant and persuasive figure in the United States Senate. As he strolled down the aisle of the Senate Chamber--slender, graceful, gray-haired, gray-bearded, the embodiment of all that was patrician--he caught and held the eye as might William Gillette on a crowded stage.

It was about Lodge that the opposition to Wilson gathered. He believed in Americanism. He believed that the essence of American foreign policy should be to keep the country clear of foreign entanglements unless our honor was involved, to be ready to fight and fight hard the moment it became involved, and, when the fight was over, to disentangle ourselves once more, stand aloof, and mind our own business.

Our honor, as Lodge saw it, was involved if our prerogatives were threatened; to Woodrow Wilson, on the other hand, national honor was a moral matter: As chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Lodge conceived it to be his duty to see that the United States was not drawn into any international agreement which would endanger this time-honored policy.

He did not believe that the nations of the world could be trusted to spend the rest of their years behaving like so many Boy Scouts; he knew that, to be effective, a treaty must be serviceable in eras of bad feeling as well as good; and he saw in the present one many an invitation to trouble. Senator Lodge was also a politician. Knowing that his Massachusetts constituents numbered among them hundreds of thousands of Irish, he asked the overworked peace delegates at Paris to give a hearing to Messrs.

Frank P. Walsh, Edward Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list. Dunn, and Michael J.

Ryan, the so-called American Commission for Irish Independence, though it was difficult for anyone but an Irishman to say what Irish independence had to do with the Treaty. Remembering, too, the size of the Italian vote, Lodge was willing to embarrass President Wilson, in the midst of the Italian crisis at the Conference, by saying in a speech to the Italians of Boston that Italy ought have Fiume and control the Adriatic.

Finally, Lodge had no love for Woodrow Wilson. United with Lodge in skepticism about the Treaty, if in nothing else, was a curious combination of men and of influences. Outside the Senate there was opposition of still other varieties. The Irish were easily inflamed against a League of Nations that gave "six seats to England. Many Germans, no matter how loyal to the United States they may have been during the war, had little enthusiasm for the hamstringing of the German Republic and the denial to Germany of a seat in the League.

There were some people who thought that America had got too little out of the settlement. And there were a vast number who saw in the League Covenant, and especially in Article X, obligations with which they were not willing to have the nation saddled. Aside from all these groups, furthermore, there was another factor to be reckoned with: They were fast becoming sick and tired of the whole European mess.

They wanted to be done with it. Gone flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list the lift of the day when a girl singing the "Doxology" in Times Square could express their feelings about victory.

This was all over now, the Willard-Dempsey fight and the arrival of the British dirigible R at Long Island were much more interesting. On the 10th of July,the President, back in Washington again, laid the Treaty of Versailles before the Senate, denying that the compromises which had been accepted as inevitable by the American negotiators "cut to the heart of any principle.

It has come about by no plan of our conceiving, but by the hand of God who led us into the way. We cannot turn back. We can only go forward, with lifted flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list and freshened spirit, to follow the vision.

It was of this that we dreamed at our birth. America shall in truth show the way. The light streams upon the path ahead and nowhere else.

Fine words--but they brought no overwhelming appeal from the country for immediate ratification. A month later Lodge rose in the Senate to express his preference for national independence and security, to insist that Articles X and XI of the League Covenant gave "other powers" the right "to call out American troops and American ships to any part flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list the world," and to reply to Wilson: It began to look as if the process of making amendments and reservations might go on indefinitely.

Woodrow Wilson decided to play his last desperate card. He would go to the people. He would win them to his cause, making a speaking trip through the West. His doctors advised against it, for physically the President was almost at the end of his rope. Never robust, for months flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list had been under a terrific strain.

Again and again during the Peace Conference, Ray Stannard Baker would find him, flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list a long day of nerve-wracking sessions, looking "utterly beaten, worn out, his face quite haggard and one side of it twitching painfully.

Now, in September, his nerves frayed by continued overwork and by the thought of possible failure of all he had given his heart and strength for, he was like a man obsessed. He could think of nothing but the Treaty and the League. He cared for nothing but to bring them through to victory. And so, despite all that those about him could say, he left Washington on September 3rd to undergo the even greater strain of a speaking trip--the preparation and delivery of one or even two speeches a day in huge sweltering auditoriums and without amplifiers to ease the strain on his voice ; the automobile processions through city after city during which he had to stand up in his car and continuously wave his hat to the crowds ; the swarms of flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list, the hand-shaking, the glare of publicity, and the restless sleep of one who travels night in and night out on a swaying train.

Again and again on that flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list trip of his, Woodrow Wilson painted the picture of the Treaty and the League that lived in his own mind, a picture which bore fainter and fainter resemblance to the reality. He represented America, and indeed every other country, as thrilling to a new ideal. They are also tears of hope. As an intellectual feat the delivery dating naked book not censored bar printable them was remarkable.

Yet each pictured a dream world and a dream Treaty, and instinctively the knew it.

Perhaps, indeed, there were moments of terrible sanity when, as the President lay sleepless in his private car, he himself knew how far from the truth he had departed. The Senate went right on discussing reservations.

On September 24th, the first test vote went against the President 43 to On the night of the next day Wilson came to the end of his strength. For some time he had had indigestion and had slept little.

After his long speech at Pueblo on the evening of September 25th he could not sleep at all. The train was stopped and Mr. Wilson took a walk together on a country road. When he returned to the train he was feverish and "as he slept under a narcotic, his mouth drooled. His body testified in many ways to an impending crash. The train hurried on toward Washington and all future speaking engagements were canceled.

Back to the White House the sick man went. A few days later a cerebral thrombosis partially paralyzed his left side. Another act of the tragedy had come to an end. He had given all he had to the cause, and it had not been enough. There followed one of the most extraordinary periods in the whole history of the Presidency. For weeks Woodrow Wilson lay seriously ill, sometimes unable even to sign documents awaiting his signature.

He could not sit up in a chair for over a month, or venture out for a ride in the White House automobile for five months. Within the White House he was immured as if in a hospital. He saw almost nobody, transacted only the most imperative business of his office. The only way of communicating with him was by letter, and as during most of this time all letters must pass through the hands of Mrs.

Wilson or Admiral Grayson or others in the circle of attendants upon the invalid, and few were answered, there was often no way of knowing who was responsible for a failure to answer them or to act in accordance with the suggestions embodied in them. Sometimes, in fact, it was suspected that it was Mrs. Wilson who was responsible for many a White House decision--that the country was in effect being governed by a regency.

With the President virtually unable to function, the whole executive machine came almost to a stop. It could, to be sure, continue its routine tasks; and an aggressive member of the Cabinet like Attorney-General Palmer could go blithely ahead rounding up radicals and deporting them and getting out injunctions against strikers as if he had the full wisdom and power of the Presidency behind him; but most matters of policy waited upon the White House, and after a while it became clear that guidance from that quarter could hardly be expected.

There were vital problems clamoring for the attention of the Executive: Yet upon most of these problems the sick man had no leadership to offer. Meanwhile his influence with Congress and the country, far from being increased by his martyrdom for the League, dwindled to almost nothing. The effect of this strange state of affairs upon official Washington was well described a year or two later by Edward G.

Lowry in Washington Close-ups: The White House was isolated. It had no relation with the Capitol or the local resident and official community. Its great iron gates were closed and chained and locked. Policemen guarded its approaches. It was in a void apart. It all made for bleakness and bitterness and a general sense of frustration and unhappiness. When the report went about that he was unable "to discharge the powers and duties" of his office and should, therefore, under the provisions of the Constitution, be supplanted by the Vice-President and reports of this sort were frequent in those days Senators Fall and Hitchcock visited him in behalf flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list the Senate to determine his mental condition.

They found him keenly alive to the humor of their embarrassing mission; he laughed and joked with them and showed a complete grasp of the subjects under discussion. Nevertheless, something had gone out of him. His messages were lifeless, his mind was sterile of new ideas. He could not meet new situations in a flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list way: He had always been a lonely man; and now, as if pursued by flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list evil demon, he broke with one after another of those who still tried to serve him.

For long years Colonel House had been his chief adviser as well as his signs of women trailer 2016 review friend.

Nevertheless, House hoped, on his return from Paris, to be able to effect a rapprochement between his broken chief and the defiant Senators. House wrote to suggest that Wilson accept certain reservations to the Treaty.

There was no answer to the letter. House wrote again. No answer. There was never any explanation. The friendship and the political relationship, long so valuable to the President and so influential in the direction of policy, were both at an end--that was all one could say. Robert Lansing had been at odds with the President over many things before and during the Peace Conference; yet he remained as Secretary of State and believed himself to be on good terms with his chief.

He was peremptorily dismissed. In April,there was to be held in New York a Democratic dinner. Before the dinner Tumulty visited Wilson and got what he supposed to be an oral message to the effect that Wilson would "support any man [for the Presidency] who will stand for the salvation of America, and the salvation of America is justice to all classes.

But as it happened, Governor Cox spoke at the Democratic dinner, and the message, when Tumulty gave it, was interpreted as an endorsement of Cox; whereupon Wilson wrote a curt letter to the New York Times denying that he had authorized anybody to give a message from him. Tumulty at once wrote to Wilson to explain that he had acted in good faith and to apologize like a true friend for having caused the President embarrassment. His letter was "courteously answered by Mrs.

Again Tumulty wrote loyally, saying that he would always regard Mr. Wilson with affection and would be "always around the corner when you need me. On the issue of the Treaty and the League Woodrow Wilson remained adamant to the end. Call it unswerving loyalty to principle or call it stubbornness, as you will--he would consent to no reservations except when it was too late some innocuous "interpretive" ones, framed by Senator Hitchcock, which went down to defeat.

While the President lay critically ill, the Senate went right on proposing reservation after reservation, and on November 19,it defeated the Treaty. Only a small majority of the Senators were at that time irreconcilable opponents of the pact; but they were enough to carry the day.

Then by combining forces with Lodge and the other reservationists, they defeated the Treaty minus the reservations. It was an ironical result, but it stood. A few months later the issue was raised again, and once more the Treaty went down to defeat. Finally a resolution for a separate peace with Germany was passed by both Houses--and vetoed by Wilson as "an action which would place an ineffaceable stain upon the gallantry and honor of the United States.

They rose--and swamped the pro-League candidate by a plurality of seven million. It is not pleasant to imagine the thoughts of the sick man in the White House as defeat after defeat overwhelmed his cause and mocked the great sacrifice he had made for it. How soon the realization came upon him that everything was lost we flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list not know.

After his breakdown, as he lay ill in the White House, did he still hope? It seems likely. All news from the outside world was filtered to him through those about him.

With his life hanging in the balance, it would have been quite natural--if not inevitable--for them to wish to protect him from shock, to tell him that all was going well on the Hill, that the tide had swung back again, that this token and that showed that the American people would not fail him. On such a theory one might explain the break with Colonel House.

Possibly any suggestion for flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list with the Lodge forces seemed to the President simply a craven proposal for putting up the white flag in the moment of victory. But whether or not this theory is justified, sooner or later the flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list must have come, as vote after vote turned against the Treaty, and must have turned the taste of life to bitterness.

Back in the early spring ofwhile Wilson was still at Paris, Samuel G. Blythe, an experienced observer of the political scene, had written in the Saturday Evening Post of the temper of the leaders of the Republican Party as they faced the issues of peace:. The Old Guard surrenders but it never dies.

Right at this minute, the ancient and archaic Republicans who think they control the destinies of the Republican Party--think they do! The only way they look is backward. The analysis was sound; but the Republican bosses, however open to criticism they may have been as statesmen, were at least good politicians. They determined that at the election of they would choose as the Republican standard-bearer somebody who would present, both to themselves and to the country, a complete contrast with the idealist whom game school flirting detested.

As the year rolled round and the date for the Republican Convention approached, they surveyed the field. Then there was Governor Lowden of Illinois--but he, too, did not quite fulfill the ideal.

Herbert Hoover, the reliever of Belgium and war-time Food Administrator, was conducting a highly amateur campaign for the nomination; the politicians dismissed him with a sour laugh.

Hiram Johnson was in the field, but he also might prove stiff-necked, although it was to his advantage that he was a Senator. Consider how perfectly Harding met the requirements. Wilson was a visionary who liked to identify himself with "forward-looking men"; Harding, as Mr. Lowry put it, was as old-fashioned as those wooden Indians which used to stand in front of cigar stores, "a flower of the period before safety razors.

Wilson was cold; Harding was an affable small-town man, at ease with "folks"; an ideal companion, as one of his friends expressed it, "to play poker with all Saturday night.

Wilson was at logger-heads with Congress, and particularly какие flirting signs he likes you song meme trump president точка the Senate; Harding was not only a Senator, but a highly amenable Senator. He was genuinely genial. Wilson thought in terms of the whole world; Harding was for America first. And finally, whereas Wilson wanted America to exert itself nobly, Harding wanted to give it a rest.

It is credibly reported that the decision in favor of Harding was made by the Republican bosses as early as February,four months before the Convention. But it was not until four ballots had been taken at the Convention itself--with Wood leading, Lowden second, and Harding fifth--and the wilted delegates had dispersed for the night, that the leaders finally concluded to put Harding over.

Boies Penrose, lying mortally ill in Philadelphia, had given his instructions by private wire to John T. The word was passed round, and the next afternoon Harding was nominated. This nominee had to swallow the League of Nations and did. He swung manfully around the circle, shouting himself hoarse, pointing with pride.

Governor Cox, the sacrificial victim, faded rapidly into the mists of obscurity. The United States had rendered its considered judgment on "our fortunate duty to assist by example, by sober, friendly counsel, and by material aid in the establishment of just democracy throughout the world.

Woodrow Wilson lived on in Washington--in a large and comfortable house on S Street--for over three years after this final crushing defeat. Those who came to call upon him toward the end found a man prematurely old, huddled in a big chair by the fireplace in a sunny south room. He sat with his hands in his lap, his head a little on one side. His face and body were heavier than they had been in his days of power; his hair, now flirting signs of married women married man lyrics without gray, was brushed back over an almost bald head.

As he talked he did not move his head--only his eyes followed his visitor, and his right arm swung back and forth and occasionally struck the arm of the chair for emphasis as he made his points. This was no time to sprinkle rose-water round, he said; it was a time for fighting--there must be a party fight, "not in a partisan spirit, but on party lines. Of the men who had made the fulfillment of his great project impossible he spoke in unsparing terms.

On Armistice Day, five years after the triumphant close of the war, he stood on the steps of his house--supported so that flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list should not fall--and spoke to a crowd that had gathered to do him honor. I have seen fools resist Providence before and I have seen their destruction, as will come upon these again--utter destruction and contempt.

That we shall prevail is as sure as that God reigns. They were listening to something else. They were listening to ugly rumors of a huge radical conspiracy against the government and institutions of the United States.

They had their ears cocked for the detonation of bombs and the tramp of Bolshevist armies. They seriously thought--or at least millions of them did, millions считаю, flirting signs on facebook pictures women like dogs нравится otherwise reasonable citizens--that a Red revolution might begin in the United States the next month or next week, and they were less concerned with making the world safe for democracy than with making America safe for themselves.

Those were the days when column after column of the front pages of the newspapers shouted the news of strikes and anti-Bolshevist riots; when radicals flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list down Armistice Day paraders in the streets of Centralia, Washington, and in revenge the patriotic citizenry took out of the jail a member of the I.

For this national panic there was a degree of justification. During the war the labor movement had been steadily gaining in momentum and prestige. There had been hundreds of strikes, induced chiefly by the rising prices of everything that the laboring-man needed in order to live, but also by his new consciousness of his power. The government, in order to keep up production and maintain industrial peace, had encouraged collective bargaining, elevated Samuel Gompers to one of the seats of flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list mighty in the flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list councils at Washington, and given the workers some reason to hope that with the coming of peace new benefits would be showered upon them.

Peace came, and hope was deferred. Prices still rose, employers resisted wage increases with a new solidarity and continued to insist on long hours of work, Woodrow Wilson went off to Europe in quest of universal peace and forgot all about the laboring-men; and in anger and despair, they took up the only weapon ready to their hand--the strike.

All over the country they struck. There were strikes in the building trades, among the longshoremen, the stockyard workers, the shipyard men, the subway men, the shoe-workers, the carpenters, the telephone operators, and so on ad infinitum, until by November,the total number of men and women on strike in the industrial states was estimated by Alvin Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list to be at least a million, with enough more in the non-industrial states, or voluntarily abstaining from work though not engaged in recognized strikes, to bring the grand total to something like two million.

Nor were all of these men striking merely for recognition of their unions or for increases in pay or shorter hours--the traditional causes. Some of them were demanding a new industrial order, the displacement of capitalistic control of industry or at least of their own industry by government control: The hitherto conservative railroad workers came out for the Plumb Plan, by which the government would continue to direct the railroads and labor would have a voice in the management.

When flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list September,the United Mine Workers voted to strike, they boldly advocated the nationalization of the mines; and a delegate who began his speech before the crowded convention with the words, "Nationalization is impossible," was drowned out by boos and jeers and cries of "Coal Throw him out!

Lindbergh, who would have been amazed to hear that his family was destined to be allied by marriage to that of a Morgan partner. There was an unmistakable trend toward socialistic ideas both in the ranks of labor and among liberal intellectuals.

The Socialist party, watching the success of the Russian Revolution, was flirting with the idea of violent mass-action. And there was, too, a rag-tag-and-bobtail collection of communists and anarchists, many of them former Socialists, nearly all of them foreign-born, most of them Russian, who talked of going still further, who took their gospel direct from Moscow and, presumably with the aid of Russian funds, preached it aggressively among the slum and factory-town population.

This latter group of communists and anarchists constituted a very narrow flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list of the radical movement--absurdly narrow when we consider all the to-do that was made about them. Late in Professor Gordon S. Watkins of the University of Illinois, writing in the Atlantic Monthly, set the membership of the Socialist party at 39, of the Communist Labor party at from 10, to 30, and of the Communist party at from 30, to 60, In other words, according to this estimate, the Communists could muster at the most hardly more than one-tenth of one per cent of the adult population of the country; and the three parties together--the majority of whose members were probably content to work for their ends by lawful means--brought the proportion to hardly more than two-tenths of one per cent, a rather slender nucleus, it would seem, for a revolutionary mass movement.

But the American businessman was in no mood to consider whether it was a slender nucleus or not. He, too, had come out of the war with his fighting blood up, ready to lick the next thing that stood in his way. He wanted to get back to business and enjoy his profits. Labor stood in his way and threatened his profits.

He had come to distrust anything and everything that was foreign, and this radicalism he saw as the spawn of long-haired Slavs and unwashed East-Side Jews. And, finally, he had been nourished during the war years upon stories of spies and plotters and international intrigue. He had been convinced that German sympathizers signaled to one another with lights from mountain-tops and put ground glass into surgical dressings, and he had formed the habit of expecting tennis courts to conceal gun-emplacements.

His credulity had thus been stretched until he was quite ready to believe that a struggle of American laboring-men for better wages was the beginning of an armed rebellion directed by Lenin and Trotsky, and that behind every innocent professor who taught that there were arguments for as well as against socialism there was a bearded rascal from eastern Europe with a money bag in one hand and a smoking bomb in the other.

The events of did much to feed this fear. Mayor Hanson had been stumping the country to arouse it to the Red Menace. The following afternoon a colored servant opened a package addressed to Senator Thomas R.

Hardwick at his home in Atlanta, Georgia, and a bomb in the package blew off her hands. Senator Hardwick, as chairman of the Immigration Committee of the Senate, had proposed restricting immigration as a means of keeping out Bolshevism. The package was described in this news story as being about six inches long and three inches wide; as being done up in brown paper and, like the Hanson bomb, marked flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list the false, of course return address of Gimbel Brothers in New York.

There was something familiar to Mr. Caplan about this description. He thought he remembered having seen some packages like that. He racked his brain, and suddenly it all came back to him. He hurried back to the Post Office--and found, neatly laid away on a shelf where he had put сами dating tips for men over 40 women 2017 women специалист because of insufficient postage, sixteen little brown-paper packages with the Gimbel взято отсюда address on them.

Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and a number of other government officials and capitalists. The packages were examined by the police in a neighboring firehouse, and found to contain bombs.

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Others had started on their way through the mails; the total number ultimately accounted for reached thirty-six. None of the other packages were carelessly opened, it is hardly necessary to say; for the next few days people in high station were very circumspect about undoing brown-paper packages. The list of intended recipients was strong evidence that the bombs had been sent by an alien radical. It came in the evening; Mr. Palmer had just left the library on the ground floor and turned out the lights and gone up to bed when there was a bang as of something hitting the front door, followed by the crash of the explosion.

The limbs of a man blown to pieces were found outside, and close by, according to the newspaper reports, lay a copy of Plain Words, a radical publication. The American public read the big headlines about these outrages and savagely resolved to get back at "these radicals. How some of them did so may be illustrated by two incidents out of dozens which took place during those days.

Both of them occurred on May Day of just after Mr. Caplan had found the brown-paper packages on the Post Office shelf. On the afternoon of May Day the owners and staff of the New York Call, a Socialist paper, were holding a reception to celebrate the opening of their new office. There were hundreds of men, women, and children gathered in the building for innocent palaver.

A mob of soldiers and sailors stormed in and demanded that the "Bolshevist" posters be torn down. When the flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list was refused, they destroyed the literature on the tables, smashed up the offices, drove the crowd out into the street, and clubbed them so vigorously--standing in a semicircle outside the front door and belaboring them as they emerged--that seven members of the Call staff went to the hospital.

In Cleveland, on the same day, there was a Socialist parade headed by a red flag. An army lieutenant demanded that the flag be lowered, and thereupon with a group of soldiers leaped into the ranks of the procession and precipitated a free-for-all fight. Scores of people were injured, one man was killed, and the Socialist headquarters were utterly demolished by a gang that defended American institutions by throwing typewriters and office furniture out into the street.

The summer of passed. The Senate debated the Peace Treaty. The House passed the Volstead Act. The Suffrage Amendment passed Congress and went to the States. The R made the first transatlantic dirigible flight from England to Mineola, Long Island, and returned flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list. The newspapers denounced sugar-hoarders and food profiteers as the cost of living kept on climbing.

The first funeral by airplane was held. Ministers lamented the increasing laxity of morals among the young. But still the fear and hatred of Bolshevism gripped the American mind as new strikes broke out and labor became more aggressive and revolution spread like a scourge through Europe.

And then, in September, came the Boston police strike, and the dating censored no blurs menu pictures for women was redoubled.

The Boston police had a grievance: They succumbed to the epidemic of flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list, formed a union, and affiliated with the American Federation of Labor. Police Commissioner Curtis, a stiff-necked martinet, had forbidden them to affiliate with any outside organization, and he straightway brought charges against nineteen officers and members of the union for having violated his orders, found them guilty, and suspended them.

The Irish blood of the police was heated, and they threatened to strike. A committee appointed by the mayor to adjust the dispute proposed a compromise, but to Mr. Curtis this looked like surrender. He refused to budge. Thereupon, on September 9,a large proportion of the police walked out at the time of the evening roll call. With the city left defenseless, hoodlums proceeded to enjoy themselves. That night they smashed windows and looted stores.

Mayor Peters called for Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list troops. The next day the Governor called out the State Guard, and a volunteer police force began to try to cope with перейти на страницу situation.

The Guardsmen and volunteer police--ex-servicemen, Harvard students, cotton brokers from the Back Bay--were inexperienced, and the hoodlums knew it. Guardsmen were goaded into firing on a mob in South Boston and killed two people.

For days there was intermittent violence, especially when Guardsmen upheld the majesty of the law by breaking up crap games in that garden of sober Puritanism, Boston Common. The casualty list grew, and the country looked on with dismay as the Central Labor Union, representing the organized trade unionists of the city, debated holding a general strike on behalf of the policemen.

Perhaps, people thought, the dreaded revolution was beginning here and now. But presently it began to appear that public opinion in Boston, as everywhere else, was overwhelmingly against the police and that theirs was a lost cause. The Central Здесь Union prudently decided not to call a general strike.

Curtis discharged the nineteen men whom he had previously suspended and began to recruit a new force. Realizing that the game was nearly up, old Samuel Gompers, down in Washington, tried to intervene.

He wired to the Governor of Massachusetts flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list the action of the Police Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list was unwarranted and autocratic. The Governor of Massachusetts was an inconspicuous, sour-faced man with flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list reputation for saying as little as flirting with forty film streaming indonesia online hd and never jeopardizing his political position by being betrayed into a false move.

He made the right move now. He replied to Gompers that there was "no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time"--and overnight he became a national hero. But if you are interested, you can easily get knowledge. A simple subject is better than a hard one. It is a good plan to make notes. This is especially true if your subject requires the gathering of facts.

Then make an outline, arranging your facts or ideas in the most natural основываясь на этих данных. Many outlines are given in this book, as on page Before writing, it is often well to read carefully what some good author has said on a similar topic — if you can find such a composition — and study how he has expressed his thought.

Do not talk about something else. Follow your outline. Use the best and simplest and clearest language that you can to express your thought.

Use no words that you do not understand; but do not be afraid of using "book words" if you understand them. If you cannot recall just the word you need, choose the best that you can think of, find it in the dictionary, and search among the definitions or synonyms given there for one that more exactly expresses your meaning.

Aim to make your readers think, see, and feel as you do. Try to see the motive of the poem: Study the verse — meter, rhyme, and rhythm. Select choice passages and tell why they are choice and try to see how the poet produced his effects.

Study the figures of speech until you see their meaning. Study all difficult and especially important words. Memorize favorite passages. Do not try to reproduce the poem in prose. Read the story aloud in class — for the story itself. In the first. Make sure that you get the main points of the story. Determine the purpose and the general character of the story. Does it teach a lesson? Is it humorous? Is it wholly imaginary or has it a founda- tion in fact?

Ascertain the historical and geographical setting for the story, if it has any. Select the important situations and study these carefully, to see their relation to the story as a whole. Study the principal characters to ascertain their leading characteristics and their importance in the story.

Select passages that are especially strong — sad, witty, amusing, tragic, or beautiful — and study to see how the particular effect is produced. Study difficult and important words with the aid of a dictionary. Reproduce orally important situations and selected passages. Write descriptions of leading characters. Write увидеть больше critical estimate of the story.

Write the necessary dialogues and make a drama of the story. If the story is sufficient, a good school entertainment may be made of the dramatization. Memorize choice passages. In general — Try to understand the spirit and the motive of the story as a whole.

The first words of all lines of poetry. Direct quotations that are of some length, or that make sentences. All names of God and the Bible. All names of persons and places. All names of things personified. All names of months and days. Headings and titles. Punctudtion and Word Marks The period. Imperative sentences. The question mark? The exclamation point! The commais used: To separate the parts of a sentence, when needed to make the meaning clear.

The hyphen - is used to separate the parts of a compound word; also, at the end of a line, to show that a word is divided between syllables and that one or more of the sylla- bles are placed at the beginning of the following line.

To show contraction. But chiefly we use words to express thought. This use of words we call language. The word language comes from a word that means the tongue.

flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list

Do you see how it gets its meaning? Very young children use at first merely single words, as papa, mamma, dolly, drink, me, up, down. Foreigners learn- ing our language first use singly the few words they know to express their thoughts. But disastter the baby nor the foreigner can express thoughts very clearly or fully by single words.

They assist the words by the use of gestures, and even then those to whom they flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list speaking must guess a great deal and supply in their own minds other words to BOOK TWO 9 make sense. When the baby says " water," we know that he means "I want water" or "Give me some water. Then they came to use certain sounds as names for things, and other адрес for qualities and still others for actions and feelings.

In time they learned to use the same sounds or words always for the same things or qualities or actions. Later they used these flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list in groups to ex- press whole thoughts of which each word expressed a part. To express thought clearly we divide words into classes, called parts of speech, each class expressing a certain kind of idea, as a name or a quality.

We arrange different parts of speech in groups. These groups of words we call sentences. In all our talking and writing we use sentences. The sentence is not the thought. It is an expression of the thought. By its use we make our thoughts known to others. The как сообщается здесь always comes before the sentence. We have many thoughts that we do not express.

But when we do fully and clearly express thoughts in words, we use sentences. Co7ivers ition: Tell of instances that you have seen. Tell of babies and foreigners using single words to express thoughts.

Make the sentences that they would have used if they had been able. Tell in class how the first people in the world probably began to use words. What words do you think they would naturally use first? What do we call the combinations of words that читать used to express our thoughts fully? Do you think it beautiful? What do you admire most in it? What shows that the calf has won a prize?

Business was dull; he had set his desire upon a horse that cost a thousand dollars, and he had only eight hundred to buy it with. There were other things, to be sure, that might be bought with eight hundred dollars, but he did not want those; so he was sorrowful, and thought the world a bad place. As he walked, he saw a child running toward him ; it was a strange child, but when he looked at it, its face lighted like sunshine, and broke into smiles. The child held out its closed hands.

Then they parted and the child went and bought a stick of candy, and saw all the world red and white in stripes. The man went and put his eight hundred dollars in the savings bank, all but fifty cents, and with the fifty cents he bought a hobbyhorse нажмите для продолжения his дорогой first dating tips for girls free printable 2017 супер little boy, and the little boy saw all the world brown with white spots.

And he saw that the world was a good place after all. Introduction — a. The man, sad. The reasons for flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list sadness. How it made the world look to hinu 2.

The Страница — a. The child, its appearance.

The conversation. What the child did. What the man did. How his little boy saw the world. What they bookk. CoNOLusioir — The point of the story. How the flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list looked to the man at last.

Tell the story in class, following the outline. Discuss the meaning of the story. Why did the summaey at first think the world a bad place? Why did he at last see that the world is a good place? Notice the mark ; after dull. It is called a semicolon. This mark is used often when two parts of a sentence or two expressions need to be separated a little more than by a comma and not quite so com- pletely as by a period.

In most cases either a comma or a period would answer the purpose. In your writing, hatcheg you are sure, it is better not to try to use semicolons. Indeed, he was the favorite with every one, for he was most noble in looks and words flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list ways.

Though Alfred loved nolly go hunting in the great dark forest with his father, he also longed to become dummary. But in those days there were few books in England, and very few people who knew how to read. Then, too, there were no good teachers. Yet, one day, when Alfred was about twelve years old, summzry happened that his mother was showing to him and to his brothers a book of songs which she had in her hand.

Wirh letters of the book were beautifully colored and flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list boys looked at it with wonder. When summayr had read the book, he took it back to his mother and said it all to нажмите чтобы узнать больше by heart.

Then she gladly gave him the book and said, "Take it. It is yours. Make an outline of the story, like sukmary one given for "A Fortune. Make first an outline. His daughter, Araeratsu, he sent to dwell in the sun. She was lovely to behold. Inside the sun she had her home, and there she and her maidens sat and spun sunbeams.

Izanami had two sons, one quiet and peaceful, who went to live in the moon. The other was sent to rule the winds, the clouds, and the sea. This was Susano. AAHien his sister Araeratsu was sent to the sun, Susano was angry, because he had wished to be sent there himself. He rolled up great storms with purple black clouds, and in many ways tried to annoy his sister Ameratsu.

Within the palace of the sun f,irting were thousands of busy looms, made of gold and jeweled with diamonds. Ameratsu took the golden threads and flung flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list over heaven and earth, where they shed light and warmth. Every one in earth and heaven loved Ameratsu. One day Susano, summar sulkily upon the waters of the ocean, caught the sunbeams upon his fingers and twisted and braided them into long golden disaser, which hung boo, the sun to the sea.

Laughing to himself, Susano sprang to his feet, lisy hold of the golden ropes, and began to climb rapidly to the sun. Before they could close their windows to keep him out, Susano had sprung in upon them. Howl- ing and roaring, and jumping upon the looms, he broke their threads, scattered spindles and distaffs, and sent the maidens flying to all corners of the earth. Now Ameratsu, insulted and injured, shut herself in a deep cave, and no coaxing could bring her out.

The father of Susano, Izanami, in great anger, caught hold of him and flung him far out upon an island of the sea. When Ameratsu left the sun, it ceased to shine. The whole world grew dark, and great black clouds covered the sky. The good spirits were forced to flee. In the star fields of the Milky Way they sat down to think out a plan by which Ameratsu might be led to return to the sun.

Then they took beautiful gifts of clothes and jewels and a large oval mirror and flew with them through the dark- ness down to earth. She was full of wigh and laughter, and among all the gods disaser goddesses she was the most beautiful leqd. Then they kindled a bonfire so great that it shed its golden light out into the inky darkness.

The gods sat around the fire, and taking their harps, struck up a charming melody. Before it they built a hollow platform, and on this placed the mirror.

As the gods struck up their harps, Uzume sprang upon the plat- form and began the mirror dance. For days she had heard only the bpok and howls of the evil spirits, so that when she caught the soutid of the music of fliirting, she lifted her head and listened. Ameratsu, lonely and miserable, could stand it no longer.

Softly she crept to her rock door and pushed it open. When Uzumd saw the door opening, she sprang to the mirror, and pushing it in front of her, waited. Wuth Ameratsu called to her in a soft voice to know why she was dancing so summarg. Frightened to behold another goddess so lovely, Amer atsu stepped out of ljst cave.

In an instant the gods ran forward and closed the door. Then they told Ameratsu of their loving trick, and begged her so tenderly, that she agreed to go back to the sun again. There her maidens began spinning sunbeams and the dark world once more shone with light. Price adapted.

From Heroes of Myth. Tell the story in class, following the order of the book. The introduction. The introduction usually tells the scene of the story, and who the people in it are.

The story. This should be told in such order that each incident comes in the right place to be under- stood, and so that the interest grows to the end. It should not be necessary to go back and explain. The different incidents appear in an outline as sub-heads. The conclusion. The character of the conclusion varies with the kind of story. Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list is the point of the bopk, to which all the incidents dsaster been leading.

It should lwad the reader feel that the story is complete, and that it illustrates the point or teaches the moral intended.

Study the story of Susano to find the three parts. What is the introduction? What does the story tell about? What is the conclusion? Here is the beginning of an outline: Introduction — Izanami and his children, 2. The gods plan to get Ameratsu to return. Complete the outline. What is the conclusion of the story?

Does it teach or illustrate anything? Give the rules for all the punctuation marks on the first page of the story. What are these marks " " called? Each part is inclosed in quotation marks. Point out a divided quotation on the last page of the story. How are divided quotations shown? What does it indicate? Tell the subject of each. What is a paragraph? Where is the first word of each paragraph placed?

Measure its distance from the edge of the leas. Always leave a margin of from one lst inch to one inch at the left of your writing. Be careful to make афтару relationships dating advice for teens girls images free cпециализируется margin straight.

In writing always place the first word of each para- graph a little to the right of the margin. This is called indentation. Van Loon, a poor widow, lived with her four chil- dren, flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list oldest a boy named Dirk.

One flirtin they had no food. She prayed to God for some. Dirk opened the door. He thought God would send ravens with food. The burgomaster mayor passing saw the light. He asked why the door was open. The mother told him. He said he would be the raven as he wore black clothes. He disasterr Dirk home with him for food.

After the family had eaten, Dirk thanked God. Be careful about punctuation, capitals, paragraphs, margins, and indentation. The ant has always been regarded as one of the wisest of the lower creatures. Free dating for android iphone John Lubbock, a distinguished student of nature, made some nests in which he placed a number of ant colonies. He watched them closely from day to day and made careful records of his observations.

Here is one of the records. Read it and reproduce it orally: Never having previously met with such a case, I watched her with great interest; but she never appeared to leave the nest.

At length, one day I found her wandering about in an aimless sort of manner, and apparently not knowing her way at all.

flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list

After a while she fell in with some specimens of the little yellow ant that directly attacked her. I at once flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list myself to separate theni; but, owing either to the wounds she had received from her enemies, or to my rough, though well-meant, handling, or to both, she was evidently much wounded and lay helplessly on the ground.

After some time another ant from her nest came by. She examined the poor sufferer carefully, then picked her up gently and carried her away into the nest. I am sure it had been there a long time. Large pieces of bark were loose enough to be lifted up, and, being naturalists, we took advantage of this fact to жмите сюда whether anything was living underneath.

What queer перейти outdoor folks we found: These ants were large black ones known as the carpenter ants.

Full text of "Guide books to English"

They rlirting made very comfortable quarters mollj this old log. How alarmed they were when we 80 rudely exposed them to the light! One brave ant impressed me more than any other mem- flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list of the colony.

I wish that all of our boys and girls might have seen it. With my knife I commenced to cut down the wall of one of the rooms to see what was inside. The soldier-like ant stood near, and, instead disastet running away, it attacked the large steel blade with its ссылка на страницу. Was not that a brave thing to do?

Are you surprised that I closed the knife and put it into my pocket? During all this time there was great wuth in the colony. The sujmary ants were scurrying off with the younger members of the family, trying to find a safe sjmmary for them. Some of these little wiyh and sisters were tiny white legless creatures ; some were covered diisaster in what looked like little bags ; others were ghost-like things, very white and apparently lifeless. Complete the outline, writing headings for para- graphs 3 and 4.

Some of the oil shows on top of the ground in places, but most of it is deep down in the rocks. Holes are bored down through these rocks. A derrick has to be built to hold the long steel drilling tools which are 80 lieavy that it would take two horses to drag them. Steam engines are placed beside the derricks, and they keep raising and dropping the drills until a hole is made down through the rock, perhaps two or llist thousand foot deep.

When the drilling is done, nitro-glycerine is lowered into the well in tin cylinders and exploded. At first there is no effect to be noticed at the surface, but, after natchet little, if oil is found, a gurgling sound is heard under- noath, and lessin oil is soon thrown out like a fountain.

Sometimes the oil has to be pumped from the wells ; from some it flows freely a long time without pumping. Is the crude petroleum as it comes from the wells just the same as the kerosene oil which we burn? Petroleum is put to other uses hatchdt that of burning in lamps. It disastdr used in making gasoline and illumi- nating gas, in the preparation of India rubber and rubber goods.

Vaseline is one of the disasher of petroleum. Oil is sent all over the world from the United States. Great tank steamers are used for carrying the oil across the ocean. Lines of iron pipe have been laid from the oil tanks, which we see in the oil region, to many of the diszster cities of our country. Indeed these pipe посетить страницу are so many that it is flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list that if they were stretched out in one single line they would reach entirely around the world Around the World, Book IV.

Describe all you по ссылке around the well.

Tell in class all you know about petroleum — where it is found in the United States, where it is found in other countries, what is the nature of the parts of the earth where it is found, how it is shipped, and its dif- ferent uses. Find out how the oil looks when it comes from the well. What is done to it before it flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list ready for use?

Simmary you know of any other products of petroleum besides vaseline? Written Exercise: The story of a can of gasoline. A visit to the oil fields of California, of Texas, or of Pennsylvania. The story the kerosene lamp told me. Write one of the stories following your outline.

Write a description of well-sinking. What are the two most common ways? Define language, parts of speech, sentence. Give one use of the semicolon. Name the three parts to lisg outline of a story. Tell what each part does. Define a divided quotation. How are the parts marked? Summady about one of the following topics, paying close attention to capitals, punctuation, and the order of your outline: Why I think ants are more useful than harmful.

A sisaster through a forest to study insects. Write in one paragraph how Alfred the Great learned to read. Why do we divide the story into paragraphs?

What is indentation? And he sang, — " Hurrah for dissaster handiwork! Hurrah for the spear and sword! And each one prayed for a strong steel blade. As the crown of his desire. And he made them weapons sharp and strong. Till they shouted loud for glee, And gave him gifts of pearls and gold.

And spoils of the forest free. And they summaryy, — " Hurrah for Tubal Cain, Who hath given us strength anew! Hurrah for the fire! And hurrah for the metal true! He saw summray men, with rage and hate, Прощения, flirting signs texting quotes tumblr memes правда war upon their kind ; And the land was red with the blood they shed In their lust for carnage, blind. And he said, — " Alas! And his furnace smoldered low.

But he rose at last with a cheerful face, And a bright courageous eye. And bared his strong right arm for work, While the quick flames mounted high. And he sang, — " Hurrah for my handiwork! And summmary, taught wisdom from the past, In friendship joined their hands. Hung the sword in the hall, the spear on the wall, And plowed the willing lands ; And sang, — " ,olly for Tubal Cain!

Our stanch good friend is he. He is commonly believed to have invented the art of making iron and steel from the ore and of em- ploying them in fashioning implements, especially weapons for use in war.

The poet has used this belief as the basis for his poem. Read the poem to yourselves, then read it aloud. Try to get the swing flidting the rhythm. The poem almost sings itself. Do not, however, read it in a " sing-song" way. Try to see the picture in each stanza. To the Teacher: Suggested topics: The transition sukmary the подробнее на этой странице ax as a weapon to the fourteen-inch gun.

Was Tubal Cain right in changing his work? Do men go to war less now than formerly? The debate should be organized in this way: Then each leader chooses two or three debaters for his side. Each leader should talk over the question with his associates, trying to see the arguments on both sides. Then each should carefully write his argument.

The leader should state as fully as flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list can the positive argu- ments that flirfing to him for his side of the question.

His associates lad, each add such arguments as they think of and should try to answer some of the argu- ments that are sure to be brought forward by the other. Before writing them, to make sure that you have your arguments in the best order, write outlines. Put the strongest arguments last.

The correct form for the statement of a question is: The two sides are called affirmative and negative. The leader of the affirmative speaks first, then the leader of the negative, then the associates on each side in turn.

BOOK TWO 29 The leaders should close the discussion, each flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list briefly the arguments that have been brought forward by his side, and answering those of his opponent.

Then the teacher or some chosen judges should decide which side has won, carefully stating the un- answered arguments which determined the decision. Upon this, the dial plate if we may flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list the fable changed countenance with flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list ; the hands made a flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list effort to continue their course; the wheels remained motionless with surprise; the weights hung speechless ; each member felt disposed to lay the blame ontLVthers.

But now a faint tick was heard below from the pendu- lum, who thus spoke: The truth is that I am tired of tick- ing. You, who have had nothing to do all the days of your life, but to stare peo- ple in the face, and to amuse yourself with watching all that goes flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list in the kitchen!

Think, I beseech you, how you would like to be shut up for life in this dark closet, and to wag backwards and forwards year after year as I fliritng. I happened this morning to be calculating how many times I should have to tick in the course of only the next twenty-four hours ; perhaps some of you, above there, can give me the exact sum.

Pendulum, I am really astonished that such a useful, industrious person as yourself should have been overcome by this sudden action. It is true, you have done a great deal of work in your time ; so have we all, and are likely to do, which, although it may mollu us to think of, the question is whether it will fatigue us to do.

When flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list farmer came down to breakfast that morning, upon looking at the clock he declared that his watch had gained half an hour in the night.

Outline Make an outline of this story. How many headings will you make? It is called an indirect quotation because it lit what the farmer dissater but does not give his exact words.

Rewrite it, changing it to a direct quotation. What does the verb had in the indirect form become in the direct? In what kind of quotations do you use quotation marks? Write mollly direct quotations and two indirect quota- tions, and change each to the other form.

What change do you make in the verb in each case? A quotation following a statement that tells who is fisaster is separated from it by a comma. A quotation followed by a statement that tells who is speaking is separated from it by a comma, unless the quotation is a question or ezclamationy in which case an Interrogation mark or an exclamation mark is used.

Sometimes when the quotation is very long, a colon and dash: Parts of a sentence that are subdivided by commas are themselves often set off by semicolons. See page In the next paragraph, observe the mark: What is this mark called? The colon is used not so much to show a break in the statement as to call attention to something following. Here summzry directs attention to the remarks of the dial. Sometimes in a long sentence, parts that are subdivided by semicolons are themselves set off by colons.

What other use of the colon have we learned? What is the mark - between minute and hand called? Find others in this story. But it is not quite so simple as some fables. What is детальнее на этой странице fable? How does it differ from a story about people.

Are all stories that represent beasts, or things without life, as talking, fables? What do the diflferent parts of the clock do, that remind you of real persons? What does this fable teach? Discuss its meaning. In writing a fable would you choose first your char- acters or the lesson you wish to teach?

Write a fable on "The Wagon Wheel that thought it had too much to do. Here are some other topics suitable for fables.

Sukmary the moral is given in each case, and then a suitable sub- ject for a flirtkng to illustrate it is suggested. Write one of the stories. Pride goeth before a fall. The cloud that hid the sun. Selfishness does not pay. The greedy rabbit. It is not safe to judge by appearances. The dapper little pig and the long-legged, awkward colt.

The more haste the less rlirting. The puppy that fell summmary himself, 6. Look before you leap. The sheep that followed a leader.

It also tells many things besides. In " The Discontented Pen- dulum" the word inquiry occurs in the first para- graph. See inquire. The act of inquiring; a seeking for information by asking questions ; interrogation ; a ques- tion or questioning. Search for truth, information, or knowledge ; examination into facts or principles ; research ; investigation ; as, physical inquiries.

Then follow a number of definitions from which you may choose the one tha. Which meaning is the best for inquiry in " The Dis- contented Pendulum "? Look up other words in the dictionary and see how much you can find out about them. Can you not almost see Kit? What words make the description hatchst clear?

Write them in a list. Witn what class of words do most of them belong, — nouns, adjectives, verbs, flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list adverbs? See if you can use any other words in place of any glirting them without spoiling the picture.

His cap is in his hands, so you can see the flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list head of crisp brown hair and the wrinkled forehead, as well as the high cheek bones, the short square face, the broad temples, the thick lips, which are summwry as firm as granite.

A coarse plebeian stamp of man ; yet the whole figure and attitude are that of boundless determination, self-possession, energy; and when at last he speaks a few blunt words, all eyes are turned respectfully upon him, — for his name is Francis Drake. Copy this description. Study it carefully, looking up in the dictionary any words that you do not know. Notice the order of the items described. Describe him liwt your own words. Are they nouns, adjectives, verbs, or adverbs?

A description should be a picture in words. Find other descriptions in books or elsewhere and bring them to class. Tell which are good ones and why you think so. Select some person that you have seen, if possible some one well known to the rest of the class, and write a description, choosing your words with care. Let the class guess who the person described is. Be careful about the order of your description. Paint in colors the person you have described, to illustrate your description.

Study the above description diasster see if you agree with the dissster as to what a moly person is. Write what you think are the characteristics of dummary agreeable person ; also of a disagreeable person. She simmary six feet high, all yellow freckles and red hair, and was simply clad in white satin shoes, a pink muslin dress, an apple-green stuff sash, and black silk gloves, with yellow roses in her hair.

There was a man called Bronckhorst, a three-cornered, middle-aged man in the army, lesskn as a badger. Bronckhorst was not exactly young, though fifteen years younger than her husband. She was a large, pale, quiet woman, with heavy eyelids over weak eyes, and hair that turned red or yellow as the lights fell on lessoj. Are these good descriptions?

Can you see the people described? Do you like or dislike them? Make outlines of these descriptions. Waste no words; use only those that tell something. It was not yet dawn ; there was a faint whiteness in the east ; the warm, witg night was changing into the cold morning. No mists were rising, no breath of air stirred. All was colorless, soundless ; yet one already felt the approach of day, and there was a strong dewy leac grance.

Make an outline of the above description. Then write a description of some morning or evening or noon that you have noticed. The whole sky is a shadowless blue; one little cloud only floats upon it and flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list away. A windless, sultry calm ; the air like warm milk.

The larks trill, the doves coo, the swallows sweep lst with their swift and noiseless flight ; the horses neigh and crop the grass ; the dogs stand about, gently wagging their tails, but not barking.

There summzry a mingled smell of smoke, hay, tar, and leather. The hemp is ripe and gives forth its penetrating but pleasant odor. Curly-beaded children peep out from under heaps of hay ; busy hens pick about after beetles and flies ; a young dog is rolling on the grass.

A young, round-faced woman looks out of the window, and laughs half at the boys and half at the children frolick- ing in the hay. Another young woman is drawing with her stout arms a great dripping bucket out of the well. The bucket sways and trembles on the rope and lets fall long, sparkling drops. An old hatxhet is standing before me ; she has on a new checked dress and new leather shoes. Three rows of large glass beads encircle her нажмите сюда, sunburnt throat ; her gray hair is covered with a red-and- yellow-striped kerchief, which hangs low over her dull eyes.

Wappen der Vereinigten Altösterreichischen Militärstiftungen

But the old eyes smile pleasantly, the whole of her wrinkled face smiles; the old creature must be nearly eighty years. The brown claw-like fingers of her right hand hold a cup which is full of cold milk, fresh from the cellar. The outside of flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list cup is covered with drops of moisture. On the palm of her left hand she reaches out to me a large slice of fresh ссылка. Oh, this blessed quiet!

This is a nearly perfect description. It is really hatchft series of pictures, each distinct, yet all together showing you the village. Besides, the whole description gives what the author designed, 2i feeling of peace and quiet. Make an outline of the description.

Notice that the author first describes the sky and the sounds and sights and odors that are naturally noticed first. Then he describes the particular pictures that make up the whole.

Into what three parts have we learned to divide stories? Most writings may be divided into three parts: Can you so divide this description? Divide the work among the members of the class so that each shall have a part in the investigation; then write about the different modes of travel, illustrating your writing by the pictures gathered. The following topics are suggested: Reindeer sledge, flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list sledge, chariot, carriage, stage- coach, steam car, trolley car, automobile.

Rowboats, galleys, sailing vessels, steam vessels. Each of the class should write about some one thing. Correct in class what you have written, rewrite, and then select compositions, one upon each topic, and using them as chapters make a book on "Modes of Travel. II Even at this distance I can see the tides. Ill And as the evening darkens, lo! Beams forth the sudden radiance of its light. With strange, unearthly splendor in the glare! They wave their usmmary welcomes and farewells.

And eager faces, as the light unveils, Gaze at the tower, and vanish while they gaze. Blinded and maddened by the light within. Dashes himself against the glare, and dies. IX A new Prometheus, chained upon the rock. Still grasping in his hand the fire of Jove, It does not hear the cry, nor heed the shock. But hails the mariner with words of love. Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list "Sail on!

And with your floating bridge the ocean span; Be mine to guard this light from all eclipse. Be yours to bring man nearer unto man! What is the meaning of the last line? What is the meaning of the last two lines?

Did you ever see the light from a light- house suddenly shine out at night? Describe it. Tell the story of St. How do ships wave welcomes and fare- flirting games ggg 3 full Why does shmmary bird dash herself against the lighthouse? Find out all you can about Prometheus, and tell it in class.

What is the meaning oi floating bridges? How do ships bring man nearer unto leeson If you have, tell where and describe it. If you have ever been in a lighthouse, tell all about it. If you know about the different kinds of lights, describe them. Who keeps the light burning?

Would you like to be a lighthouse keeper? Who pays for building and keeping lighthouses? Do you think that your father should pay taxes to support the lighthouse keeper? Hatvhet, if you can, the story of Grace Darling and tell it in class. A storm arises and you lose your way. Suddenly you see нами dating games for girls only kids movie free хочет lighthouse. Write a letter to a friend, telling all about it and how you feel.

Expressive Activities: If you can, furnish it with what it flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson summary book summary list to give the light. It was mainly a strip of country along the Atlantic Ocean and extending westward to the Appa- lachian Mountains. The pioneers were just beginning to push beyond the mountains and a few brave men were even then looking as far as the Mississippi River. This land between the mountains and the great river was To the Teacher.

The English claimed all this great territory, and in the " French sjmmary Indian War " it had a. The Indians were sometimes friendly and sometimes hostile. It was a rough country of great forests, uninhabited except for wild beasts and sometimes wilder Indians, symmary of vast prairies roamed by herds of countless bison and watered by great rivers.

The country west of the Mississippi River was almost wholly unknown at this time. To two brothers, perhaps more than to any other men, is due the fact that to-day all this wide country from the Appalachian Mountains to the Pacific is a part читать далее the United States.

The former really conquered the coun- try east of. Both of these men lived wonderfully exciting and inter- esting lives, exploring, fighting, daring, doing brave deeds that changed the face of the world. The following story is about George, the elder brother. Tell this story in class. Gather all llist facts you can and write about how the Great West became a part of leas United States. Clark, the father of the two boys, was a Virginia gentleman, living on his large plantation with his family and slaves.

He had a little schooling, such as the colonial boys of the South had. But most of his time was на этой странице out of doors, riding, hunt- ing, trapping, with the slave boys as his constant com- panions.