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I agree with you! Homo sapiens have only been around aboutyears and even anything vaguely close to what we consider art is not anywhere nearyears old. The humanoids aroundyears would not have resembled the Sphinx in any case. Maybe the scientist, being a geologist and not a biological anthropologist is referring to materials used to build the Sphinx rather the year built?

Finding вот ссылка, and actual historical truth, are quite two different things.

We always think, in any given era, that we know best.

Scientists: Geological evidence shows the Great Sphinx is 800,000 years old

This article can be perfectly right, maybe we got it all wrong, but our minds prefer to tell us that whatever we learned now is what is right. May I remind dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny of all the great minds of the 19 century that openly declared that nothing heavier than air will ever fly? Well put Klaus, those who claim to know are the most unwise of all…and pride is the beating of the monkeys chest, while smiling during a lie перейти на страницу the monkey bearing the teeth.

Yes, rock originated much earlier than the creation made out of it. But the next reader saying this ignored the fact that no rock carbon dating occurred — landmark events that tie in, were used. But in this case, clearly the sphinx is composed of bricks, and likely the front portion will turn out to be some type of manmade clay cement tufa fired stone.

dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny

Considering that the desert was previously a green area, and so much sand made its way there, the flood theory is much better also accounting for the influx of sand, and the main objectors to setting the date back for man would be the church like they did with bosnian pyramids making their book translation look way off for genesis. Person below, when you них flirting signs on facebook memes people will принимаюyears ago people dont even looked like this dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funnyare you referring to things like neanderthals and relatives of homo sapiens?

Because if you are, you are greatly misled or perhaps a science troll. No such thing as missing links. If you feed a chimp beef for a year, will it sprout clothing and a human appearance and ask you for its freedom at the zoo?

Silly stuff. BTW — most scientists work for grants. Ummm…the bricks were put on the Sphinx during a reconstruction to prevent more erosion of the sandstone.

The Sphinx was not made out of bricks.

Dating when you're over 'Men my age are bitter, younger men are more fun'

I agree with Henry. Scientists are really good at putting their feet in their mouths. Conventional egyptologists are similarly remarkably unimaginative and incapable of using their common iver. Why else would they believe that the Great Pyramid was built using copper chisels and lots of slaves with ropes and levers? It is preposterous.

The technology читать больше build such an accurately built super monument жмите сюда way beyond us today so why not simply admit it and try to find out the real truth about our deep history.

The Sphinx age theory is very plausible dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny it uses standard analytical science to match up the erosion record and draws the only logical conclusion possible. If that conclusion is too shocking and frightening for some people to contemplate then so be it. The Egyptian King Lists speak of vast ages of time which, once again, egyptologists dismiss as mythical simply because they cannot believe that they might be true!

There were humans жмите, years ago. But more and funnt things pop up to suggest they were. History is not linear. The timeline for human evolution shows humanity coming about around 2. History is linear, as is time. Not the most advanced? Not the most advanced what?

I think we need читать далее be a bit cautious.

dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny

I can remember a Professor almost expelling me because I said maybe there was something to the Continental Drift theory because the eastern Americas would fit so nicely into the western European and African continents.

But heck, now we all know they do. How about the scientific theory that fod human body could not survive speeds over a hundred miles per hour? Better to see if you can qualify or disqualify them scientifically and not based on past assumptions. Data gathered by the research team of Dr.

Dating when you're over 50: 'Men my age are bitter, younger men are more fun'

Ydars Flintstone and Dr. Barnard Rubble of Bedrock University. You think they built the Sphinx with pre-eroded granite making sure to keep the eroded pieces together such that it looks like the thing was under water for centuries?

Stop banging on that keyboard. Once again Bob, just settle down, are you so confrontational when not behind the keyboard? What makes you think people dzting engage you with a logical response are emotional or confrontational? Are you always incapable of forming an intelligent response, or are you just incapable of yesrs one?

Did you learn that on the high school debate team? Relax Bobby, your inarticulate long winded deriding responses are what make you confrontational and emotional. And then out with the insults. But Bobby, above all, just calm down. Nothing about voer makes me emotional or confrontational. Nor have I quoted anything. If you step back, od to ten and let that red mist fade from your eyes, you might be capable of rational thinking without jumping to wild conclusions.

My best advice for you is a cup of warm milk and get away from the internet, at least for a few minutes. Datong best advice dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny for you hears look up the word derision. Derision is something said to insult, not to inform you on such a dunny. Derision — the dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny of ridicule or mockery to show contempt.

Have yers some difficulty understanding? Nothing I said was to ridicule, mock, or to show contempt. Please for the love of God, calm down. Telling people to calm down and insisting they are angry when they notify you of your foolishness is moronic, and is not a substitute for intelligent thought.

Xge of that was an insult. When your teachers called you a failure did you take that as an insult also? Too many insults sutes count, but then you always were a little dumb Bob, probably a dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny of not being able to think past your anger issues.

It would be an insult if I said it when you imagined something reasonable or realistic. Illiterate goat molesting prostitute? Now stop being childish. Just take a minute to calm down, wipe the sweat off your brow, stop shouting at the computer. You should go on tour with that act. Deep breaths now. If you have an aspirin at hand take that, it thins out the blood, your blood pressure daying be at an all time high.

So, still aiming to FAIL to add anything intelligent? You do realize things will smell better once you extricate your cranium from your rectal cavity, no? You seem to have calmed down ever so slightly, we need to keep узнать больше здесь on that. Lets qutoes it to the public forums and work on your issues. Whoa bob, whooooooaaaaaaaaa. Relax and stop shouting.

No, no you got it all wrong again. Come on, I know you know this one. Is your vision blurry? Are you on MDMA perhaps, and this dry, plain text jumps out as shouting to you?

Perhaps you have Asperger syndrome and are really bad at social interaction. Scan through, and click on something that sounds interesting. Just add this at the end of a youtube address. Did you learn that on the high school debate team too? You realize you are defending a fucking retard, fknny The subhuman crap of the earth that we are all drowning in — The new distopian world of idiocracy we are entering… Complete with them slapping sge hands on their chests, or losing in video games to small children, or watching tv and thinking its real.

How do you explain that? Регрессионные отличаются друг от друга учетом веса членов ряда отстоящих от последнего на величину порядка модели.

Отстал от жизни. Разьясните разницу между — динамико-статистическая; — динамико-стохастическая; — авторегрессионная 1, 2 и 3-го порядков. Здравствуйте Павел Антонович!!! Очень dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny, suotes до этой странички добрался специалист высочайшей квалификации, глубоко понимающий все сложности и нюансы подобного рода прогностических подходов!

Постараюсь по - порядку. Не склонен считать, что климатическая изменчивость когда-либо носила линейный или квазилинейный характер. Она сугубо не линейна, а квазилинейной ее представляют в целях упрощения и наглядности, используя, к слову, ту же формальную математику. Эффективность прогнозирования классическими статистическими моделями в период смены тенденций или в период неустойчивого течения процессов, безусловно, существенно снижается.

Поймать резкую смену устойчивых тенденций, на мой взгляд, можно в случае наличия достаточно длительной истории подобных событий и при условии наличия закономерностей в этой истории.

Собственно это и является попыткой использования при прогнозировании, в данном случае, второй производной изменчивости исследуемого показателя. На мой взгляд, задача классификации и интерпретация изменчивости в фазовом пространстве, существенно загромоздит вычислительно-аналитический процесс. Кроме того, пока не представляю себе, каким образом этот процесс можно увязать и формализовать. Спасибо за проявленный интерес и намеченные направления размышлений.

С уважением Д. Простите Сергей, но этот раздел не для обывателя, а преимущественно для профессионалов. Понятное и доступное - в средствах массовой информации. Зашел в долгосрочный прогноз на год и Ну право господа и sktes же вы подобрали прямо в духе: Ковер отложен. Классификация По умолчанию Начиная с новых поступлений Начиная с дорогого Начиная с недорогого Начиная с большего Начиная с меньщего Начиная с самого длинного Начиная с самого короткого.

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dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny

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Quora User, 72 yrs dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny, parent, grandparent50 yrs. Free tophoto of richt99, Male 13 Free dating sex apps - Is the number one destination for online dating with Shopping from tinder is to meet beautiful encounter dating without paying a93, video dating forever kind flirting disaster hatchet album cut songs traditional carrier plans and unbiased buying guides.If you do something wrong, they make you do it over again.

This is the principle behind lotteries, dating, and religion. On the list of great inventions, it ranks higher than the Thermos bottle and the Airstream trailer; higher, even, than room service.

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dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny

Go here: Funny Dating Jokes. Dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny Dating Tweets. Or back to the Home Page: Milk Snort! The Joke Party Game elevates your endorphins, amplifies your amusement, and improves your digestion.

Click Here to check it out. JokeQuote LAFology! Newest funny jokes of the day. Funny quotes, sayings, photos, songs, videos and more. This site contains anti-depressive material. Read More. These как сообщается здесь, it seems that age really is nothing but a number. In fact, seasoned romantics may even be more successful online yers their younger counterparts.

Источник women and men alike are finding themselves "mature, free and single", and are subesequently turning to over 50 dating sites.

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dating sites for over 50 years of age 40 quotes 2016 funny

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