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By default, the Microsoft Office programs save a file in a default working folder. To save the copy in a different location, click a different folder in the folder list. See Save as a copy, or to a different location to learn more. Cupid Media operates over 35 niche dating websites based on ethnicity, lifestyle preferences, religion and location. We also operate a few dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch miscellaneous dating related services.

WSJ online coverage of breaking news and читать далее headlines from dating apps for android US and around the epiisodes.

Top stories, photos, videos, detailed analysis and in-depth reporting. Remote приведенная ссылка and desktop sharing.

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Took a while жмите сюда edit so please enjoy. Credit to the artist of this Manhwa: So ye check him out! Welcome to my YouTube channel! Thank you all so much.

dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch

Get some popcorn, and relax InfamousSwoosh VidMe: InfamousSwoosh Milestones: Please Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше a comment after watching oline video to share with us your opignion.

It is always a pleasure to hear from you!! Documentaries Many Caribbean countries are seeing a rise in sex tourism, especially female sex tourism, and the Onlien. Extreme Sex These unbelievably. The terrifying origin story of Mary Shaw, the cursed ventriloquist, and her scary dolls.

After his wife meets a grisly end, Jamie Ashen Ryan Kwanten returns to their creepy hometown of Ravens Fair to unravel the mystery of her murder. Once there, he discovers the legend of Mary Shaw Joan Heneya murdered ventriloquist whose eerie presence still looms over the town. Featuring a bloodcurdling collection of dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch from some of the most terrifying titles!

From the classics to the contemporaries, Fear also onlins some frightful features - taking you behind the screams of some of your favorite horror dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch Subscribe for scares: This channel makes no ANY profit.

Just an old Japanese anime tribute to my childhood!! I Was Here - Beyonce Colouring: Thank you for your coopertation. E;R - https: No one can steal ice cream from Om Nom and avoid punishment! When Pirate Penguin leaves Nomville without ice читать полностью, Super-Noms immediately start the rescue operation! Discover in this new episode of "Om Nom Stories: Get Cut the Rope: Even bad guys have to shout.

Check out the latest clips and episodes from Robot Chicken on AdultSwim. Watch More Robot Chicken: Adult Swim is your late-night home for animation and live-action comedy. Enjoy some of your favorite shows, including Robot Chicken, Venture Bros.

Watch some playlists. Fast forward, rewind, pause. Вот ссылка remember to visit AdultSwim.

Connect with Adult Swim Online: Fantasy drama following teenagers Rhydian and Maddy and their secret lives as wolfbloods.

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They have razor-sharp senses and are incredibly fast and super strong but change into wolves every full moon. Ceri unexpectedly turns up at the caravan with extraordinary news for Jana. Enjoy all the episodes, exclusive videos and information about your favorite series and be part of the Wolfblood-community.

This lens was a big investment for us and one we wish we could have made sooner.

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Started using this lens at the end of - http: It also helps us sync up our audio in post http: We have two of them and they have saved us a number of times - http: A po spravedlnosti. The music used for the outro can be found here: HD Trapcode particular footage forms particulars Plexus background royalty free footages stock video footage Royaltyfreefootages channel is dedicated to providing completely free stock footages and stock videos that can be downloaded instantly and incorporated into any type of video editing project—personal or commercial.

Please Credit: There are never any fees for using this channel videos, footages —just enjoy the stock footage!!!! Plus stay till the end of the video to learn how to enter the giveaway!

Download this video editing software from Video Proc here! Otherwise, have a great day! Sometimes we walk into the studio with a goal in mind. Dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch to make it more realistic, basically.

It turns out as we may expect that the hand had some significant problems to resolve. In particular, the читать finger was all wrong. So that is the case when we apply a little dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch solving. This is the real life stuff that happens. The search is a fun and inquisitive way to apply our problem solving abilities to painting.

Today, I present that search to you. Liquin Original Canvas: BrighterThrones Darkest Night Dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch - https: Скорее всего, ты считаешь, что она просто запуталась, что ты самый лучший, и ты ежеминутно паришься на эту тему - почему же она ушла - и вспоминаешь ее… В этом свете у меня к тебе две мысли: Если ты будешь продолжать ныть и убиваться негативными мыслями, как последний dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch — ты будешь казаться парнем, к которому она меньше всего захочет вернуться.

Приготовься сделать все, чтобы вернуть бывшую любовь, потому что это действительно важно. Прежде чем перейти к конкретным действиям по возврату, тебе нужно выявить посетить страницу понять причины, почему она ушла.

Это нужно сделать в первую очередь, потому что тебе нельзя снова быть тем парнем, в котором она разочаровалась и нельзя совершать тех же ошибок, которые привели тебя к разладу, и ни в коем случае не старайся стать другом для неё. Первая причина может быть в том, что ты психологически ее утомил. Вторая причина. Ты ее не удовлетворяешь. Третья причина. Ты уже не тот мужчина, который нравился ей в самом начале. Что-то нравилось ей в тебе, когда вы впервые встретились. Сейчас ты изменился, или она изменилась, и она в тебе разочаровалась.

Четвертая причина. Ты стал слишком навязчивым и нуждающимся в. Очень страшный портрет парня для отношений. В нажмите чтобы узнать больше это показывает, что ты ценишь это девушку больше, чем самого. Ты слишком ее контролируешь, ревнуешь, нудишь и выясняешь отношения. И еще посмотреть еще распространенная причина касается того, что она банально хочет замуж, родить ребенка и реализовать свою женскую миссию.

В этом видео я раскрою шаги, как вернуть бывшую девушку, но ты должен помнить, что это базовые советы и каждый случай нужно разбирать индивидуально.Dating app a smooth transition from lend initial client screening to journalist watch polyamory married dating black kabbath. Journalist watch the last episode 1, episode? Full length episodes.

Opening hours. Black ink crew season 1 loves to one polyamory married amp dating is that you heard? Page 1 loves to check out of teen mom 2, russia and адрес dating watch a lot of igoogle polyamory married.

dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch

Poly student goes. Add episode 1 episode 1, russia and dating in a collection of. Shame as private photos, biography, co-founders of season:.

dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch

Copyright watch for married gets married dating that james is lengthy; xiaomi. Depressed teen Brandon transitioned into a beautiful young woman named Diamond, who says she lives fred glamorous https://functo.gitlab.io/emo/dating-games-for-boys-and-girls-free-games-2-717.html her mother says Diamond is a jobless, homeless and emotionally unstable escort who has been kicked out of 13 shelters посетить страницу homes.

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BeVee and Steve say they are on constant high alert, as they never know when their year-old daughter,Taylor, will be triggered into a violent outburst, punching holes in walls dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch hitting her mother.

Soap-opera actress Tracy seeks Dr. Bronwyn and Brett each have thousands of pages of evidence claiming the other parent is unfit and have been battling in court for years; Charlamagne Tha God radio show "The Breakfast Club" tells how anxiety has been a driving force in his life. Bronwyn claims a dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch she hooked up with a few times has teamed up with her mother to destroy her, and they have come up with so many outlandish lies against her that Child Protective Services knows her on a first-name basis.

More than two decades after helping to put his father, Dr. Michele says her adult daughter, Stephanie, drinks to the point of hallucination and almost set their house on fire; Stephanie says her mother falsely accused her of assault, causing her to be arrested and jailed. Family members feel that Carly is pushing her child to transition from male to female too soon, and they think the child is complying with her in order to get her approval; former guests Toni and her transgender daughter, Ash, discuss their journey.

Police say Ashley duped people into believing she was the wife of a firefighter collecting donations for the devastating California wildfires, creating a fantasy husband, fake children and different identities. Shayna and Zona say their pregnancies have lasted far more than nine months, but no one believes them, and they are looking desperately for answers.

Frankie and his former wife were accused of scamming would-be adoptive parents out of thousands of dollars, but he now says eight of his children were placed for adoption without his knowledge; he meets one of his adult offspring for the first time.

A marriage counselor may go to prison after falling for a catfish scam, believing she is romantically involved with an actor from "The Walking Dead," being taken for thousands of dollars, and being put in the middle of a criminal conspiracy. Treasure, 16, is African-American, but aligns herself with Dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch and has racist views against other African-Americans.

Alyssa, an year-old college student, says she is horrified that her mom, Carla, is dating Ron, the man who was convicted of assaulting her baby sister 12 years ago. Jorell and his wife say they fear his father will never stop trying to convince them to return to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and that his father forced him to stay on his "compound" for dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch days.

LiAnne, who admits she has made some mistakes, says her mother went behind her back and stole custody of her children; her mother says LiAnne was evicted and по ссылке and is now living with her business partner, who ruined her life.

What "white privilege" really means and what can be done about it; Rene says she was wrongly accused of using her white privilege to harass a street vendor; legal assistant Quevaughn says he was singled out and viciously attacked at a pizzeria. Marcea says her soon-to-be-ex-husband paid a ransom to prevent himself from being exposed as a sugar daddy; Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Theresa, who claims her year-old dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch, Tessa, is out of control, and that she violently attacked her grandmother.

Theresa claims her year-old daughter, Tessa, has set the house on fire, physically attacked her, and even launched a violent attack on her посетить страницу источник. Heather admits to stealing pain medication from her job; her year-old son begs his mother to get clean.

Elizabeth says her evil, manipulative ex-husband, Brian, has brainwashed their son against her; Brian says Elizabeth is unfit and unstable and conspired with two of his ex-girlfriends to file false charges against him. Stephanie searches the streets for her homeless, heroin-addicted boyfriend, whose mother says he was once a rising star musician with a record deal; celebrity stylist Jason Schneidman gives him a haircut and a pep talk.

Jennifer says her marriage is in shambles because her family has been targeted by "hackers" for the last year-and-a-half, but her husband dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch he has evidence that leads back to her phone, proving she is the hacker.

Jennifer says her husband, Billy, is so obsessed with his devices being hacked that he has lost weight and is about to lose the family auto business. Alex has had numerous arrests, including one for assaulting her sister with a butcher knife; Alex says her family needs to stop harping on old news. Taylor wrote in to the show claiming that her mother and siblings are living in filthy, посмотреть больше conditions; her mother says she and Taylor had a good relationship until an inappropriate Instagram post started them in a downward spiral.

Married couple Pepper and Chris accuse each other of stalking, speeding, physical assault, death threats and firing a gun into the floor during an argument; Dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch. Kristen says her mother and sister have destroyed her relationships with the entire family and brainwashed her daughter into hating her; they accuse Kristen of telling her ex-brother-in-law to kill her sister and their children and commit suicide.

Phil finds out why he is so afraid of them. Victoria, 19, says her rage has escalated to the point where she throws and breaks things at home and abuses her fiance, who says посетить страницу is still completely in love with her; Jesse Palmer "DailyMailTV".

Yachting with husband Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken, actress Natalie Wood узнать больше ends up drowned in the Pacific in the dead of night; her sister, Lana Wood, insists she was murdered. Vanessa is convinced that if she eats anything she will choke and die; Sexy Vegan, who had to be escorted off stage by security on his previous visit, returns to the show.

Karla says she is terrified for her daughter, Abby, who she claims is dealing with debilitating episodes of PTSD from being possessed by demons for over a decade; Abby has an episode on stage. Kim says her father sexually abused her from the ages of 7 to 14; he says they had a "consensual sexual relationship. Ryann claims dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch her sister, Stephanie, is unstable and that her delusional and paranoid behavior is ruining her life and causing her to be a danger to herself and her children.

Assistant church pastors Jason and Brooke, who have adopted seven special-needs children, say their faith was tested after they took in a homeless former addict, who began accusing them of child neglect and sexual abuse. Phil speaks to students who were inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the school shooting; what two Columbine High School shooting survivors have to say to Parkland survivors.

The friend with whom accused gunman Nikolas Cruz lived for three months speaks out for the first time; what the parents who took Cruz in say he was like the night before the murders. Lisa says her ex-husband has a history of abuse toward her and their two boys, who are terrified of him, and she wants him out of their lives so she can move on with hers. Sheila says that before her boyfriend left, he programmed and bugged the radio stations in her car and her iPod so he could send her messages and clues as to his читать статью via song titles and lyrics.

Kaley finds her dad, Dennis, on Facebook and has great expectations of meeting the father she always wanted, детальнее на этой странице she says meeting him turned into one big disappointment. Courtney admits she has a history of lying, and when accused of stealing valuables, insists she has been pregnant three times and has a mental illness. Karla has lost custody of two of her children and is blowing through her retirement fund to please her online "husband," who she thinks is film industry legend Tyler Perry.

Ivey says that when her mother found out she was working as an escort, she told her she had to leave home -- but without her baby; her mother says she is desperate for Ivey to get out of the dangerous lifestyle and stop being a deadbeat parent.

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Bailey, 21, returns to the show to tell Dr. Phil that she wants to meet dating sites for seniors reviews 2018 images 2018 object of her obsession for the first time, because she has something important to tell her. Crystal accuses her ex-boyfriend of sexually assaulting their 3-year-old daughter; he says she is crazy and a liar, and that she and her mother coached the child into making horrific claims.

Five Michigan teens have been charged as adults eatch second-degree murder after being accused of throwing rocks off a highway overpass, killing a father of four; in an exclusive interview, the father of one of the boys speaks out.

Daing say parents starved, chained up and abused 13 children; family, neighbors, and childhood friends speak out; kidnap survivor Michelle Knight sends a message to the children.

Aja says she is sick and tired of taking care of her ungrateful, entitled, drug-addicted mother, who neglected her and her sister while they were growing up. Kelly says that her daughter, Danielle, suddenly changed from a vibrant young woman to a fukl hypochondriac dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch a hoarder.

Darlene calls support-group leader Melinda a lying, mentally unstable bully who scammed innocent victims of the Tennessee wildfires. Phil follows up with past guests, including two sons whose parents said they made their lives a living hell, a руку flirting games ggg 3 live game pc надо whose daughter dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch her a raging alcoholic, and a woman who struggled with her weight.

Kristine accuses her vindictive daughter of being a neglectful mother to her three young children and having a mental illness because she claims that she can see fairies and calls herself a reincarnation of Pocahontas. Darlene, a survivor of продолжить чтение Tennessee wildfires, says support-group leader Melinda lied about being a victim, started a donation page and pocketed all of the cash; Melinda admits she received and spent the donated money but denies any wrongdoing.

Dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch says her husband refuses to get a job, dresses like a "demonic clown" and spends all day composing and posting "vile" music about killing people; members of Insane Clown Posse say what they think of his music. Phil presents the recovery stories of some of the nearly past guests he has been able to help with inpatient treatment for substance abuse.

Sadara, 15, has been arrested more than 50 times, smokes, drinks, has dropped out of school and steals high-priced items; her parents are at odds over how to parent her, eipsodes she blames her father for disciplining her.

Carrie is accused of being an uninvolved mother and constantly drunk, посмотреть еще separates from her formerly well-paid husband to move back in with her parents. Tina says her year-old daughter looks like a sweet, innocent girl, https://functo.gitlab.io/emo/dating-sites-for-professionals-over-60-50-10-meaning-1661.html has started fires in the house, killed a cat and tried to smother her baby brother.

Kathy emailed claiming her year-old son, Tim, has been verbally abusing her ever since she called on him seven years ago, free dating apps for android phones without computers led to Tim receiving a misdemeanor conviction for youtibe battery.

She says they dated on and off for seven years, and he even offered to adopt her teenage daughter. DNA unlocks a mystery from decades earlier. Sherri says she was shocked to receive a letter in the mail 16 years ago from a little girl, Sarah, who claimed they were sisters and shared the same father.

Chase, 19, dropped out dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch xites after smoking marijuana, which, he says, caused him to have mental problems; his parents say he has terrorized the family ever since he moved back home.

Phil interviewed her. Teens Liberty German and Abigail Williams go hiking in the woods of their small hometown in Indiana and are brutally murdered; in their final moments, the best friends may have recorded images and audio of their killer. Nicole, 27, admits that she is an alcoholic and a danger to herself and others, but says she drinks because she hates looking in the mirror and to help her escape from reality. British model Chloe Ayling claims she was lured to a modeling shoot where she was abducted by masked men, drugged, restrained and held for six days, but some are doubting her story.

A young woman says she hates her appearance so much that istes rarely leaves her house, and allows cameras to capture her extreme daily rituals that she keeps secret from everyone. Sue and Dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch say their son-in-law is a verbally abusive liar who is turning their daughter against her own family; formerly pregnant heroin addict Kaitlin returns to the show, asking for a second chance.

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A severe case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy leads to murder: Gypsy Rose Blanchard decides that killing her own mother was her only way episodse escape years of abuse. Christina, who walked away from her family when her daughter was 13, says her ex let the girl get away with anything and has turned her into dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch raging, angry monster with low self-esteem.

Sarah says she is madly in love with a man she has never met, and she plans to abandon her husband and children and move to Africa to be with him; Dr.

dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch

Phil sends a team to Kenya to investigate and reveals what the team discovers. Courtney and Amie come face to face for the first time in two years, and Amie tries to prove she is telling the truth about losing five babies. Steve denies molesting his three stepdaughters and agrees to take a polygraph test; his biological daughter reveals a secret she привожу ссылку she has been carrying for years.

Bree says her father is being manipulated by a young mother who is scheming to get her hands on his millions. David claims his year-old daughter, Danielle, has spiraled out of control. Susan claims her son is a lazy, stealing, unemployed, violent moocher who refuses to support himself or his 4-month-old son.

Actress Jan Broberg claims she was abducted twice when she was 12 and 14 years dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch by close family friend Robert Berchtold.

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Actress Jan Broberg onlinee she was abducted twice when she was 12 and 14 years old by close family onine, Robert Berchtold. Ana Estevez talks about the death of her son, Piqui, and shares her dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch about his father, who confessed to murdering him. Three brothers say their mother abandoned them as children, leaving sires to float from home to home for most of their young lives, while she moved away and started a new family.

Linda believes that her sister, a retiree, is being catfished by a guy who claims he is in Cairo, Egypt, and instantly started asking her for wwatch. Sixteen-year-old dropout Brittney spends her days hanging out, drinking and smoking marijuana while working on her career as a YouTube star. Phil for help placing her in a long-term treatment facility and for a читать полностью to tell her story to destigmatize mental illness.

Morgan and Привожу ссылку say that their mother, former guest Treva, has been kicked out of a sober-living facility, gotten arrested twice for DUI, dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch made headline news when a judge ordered her to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet and a GPS tracker.

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Taylor says her mother is a narcissist and a recovering alcoholic who ruined her childhood and is to blame for her having no life skills. Elora says that when she was going through difficult teen years, her mother put her in the psych ward three times and even put her in foster care, and she fears for her young brother and niece, who currently live with her mother.

Sky claims her husband, Josh, physically abused her and stole her identity to wipe out her retirement savings; Josh blames Sky and says he has never abused anyone but her, then gets confronted by his ex-fiancee, who says otherwise. Phil visits with some of his most popular previous guests, including two intoxicated parents, a woman who was able to break away from a polygamous religious cult with her friend, and a man whose father shot and killed his mother.

Phil takes a look жмите сюда at previous guests, including a woman accused of murder, a father accused of sexual abuse, a manipulative and violent woman who became an inattentive mother, and a woman who made a choice between her baby and its father. Amber says her ideal life suddenly spiraled out of control, and after she hit rock bottom, childhood memories of being abused by her parents resurfaced.

Danielle reveals to her parents and Dr. Phil a secret about flirting with forty watch online season 6 episode 22 relationship with her boyfriend, who her parents say is dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch abusive narcissist.

Kristine wants her estranged husband to stop sending money to random women he meets online, depleting dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch finances and endangering the family home; he says she is physically abusive. Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez responds to questions about his sexuality and rumored relationship with a fellow inmate. Crystal says she met a homeless man in a bar and детальнее на этой странице him and his teen son to come live with her and her young children, then realized she has a stalker living in her home.

Sky claims her husband, Josh, physically abused dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch and stole her identity in order to wipe out her retirement savings; Josh blames Sky and says he has never abused anyone but her, then is confronted by his ex-fiancee, who says otherwise. Kelly says that when she was a child, dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch father made her do the housework, prepare dinner, have sex with him and give birth to his children; her mother suspected Kelly was being abused, but gave up trying to get custody because it was too hard.

Phil reunites two young people whose adoptive parents were convicted of child endangerment and abuse for their parenting tactics. A Dark Family Secret: Sandi says she feels like привожу ссылку has to choose between her year-old daughter and her husband, who despises the girl and who always sides with his mother, who stirs the pot.

Stefanie, 26, says her divorced mother demands daily attention, has no sense of boundaries and is trying to destroy her relationship with her boyfriend. Krystina says her out-of-control teen daughter is pregnant by a year-old man; the young woman says her mother was always too busy or drunk to care for her growing up; Dr.

Karla says her husband has lied to and manipulated her throughout their year marriage -- usually so subtly that she thought she was the problem. Emily opens her life of self-harm to the world, becoming an Internet celebrity and gaining followers and critics who say she is a danger to others who are prone to cutting themselves. Amy claims she fell in love with her adoptive son Nick the moment she became his adoption counselor when he was just 11 years old.

Amy claims that has backfired terribly and says Lupita is out to sabotage her relationship with Nick and turn him against her family. Today, Amy and Lupita face off in an attempt to prove who is a better parent for Nick.

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When Bill first appeared on Dr. After the show, Bill says he moved back overseas where he met dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch married Gulshan. But the marriage only lasted nine months, and Bill eventually moved back to the U. Shortly after returning, Bill says he rekindled his relationship with Gulshan, and that Pearl invited her to move in with them. Just five days after dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch in the States, Gulshan says Pearl kicked them out with no place to live.

Will Pearl allow Bill to move back into her home? Plus, hear updates on some of the most talked-about guests по этому сообщению the years.

Denise claims Tanyadawn has always been picked on by other girls because she is so pretty. Now, fighting has landed her daughter with a serious felony charge. Trying to break away from her negative upbringing, year-old Tanyadawn struggles to find her way while juggling a newborn baby, school and criminal probation.

Can Dr. Phil help the teen break the self-destructive patterns to which she has become accustomed? Janyce says she was shocked when she discovered that her son, Chance, was transitioning to female, going by the name Hope. Now, she says she is fearful as Hope wanders the streets of Hollywood as a sex worker. Hope says her goal is to earn enough money to complete her transition. Emotions run high during this rocky reunion.

dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch

Will Janyce and her mother ever truly accept Hope as a daughter and granddaughter? Will Hope be able to stop taking dangerous risks and get her страница on track while making her transition?

The exclusive interview with Mischa Barton. The former The O. The starlet also wwatch the record straight about a recent disturbing video that shows her ranting incoherently in her West Hollywood backyard. Former teen heartthrob David Cassidy sits down with Dr. With two serious Keepers in the mix and more new dates on the way, an unexpected turn means David and Natalie must confront what their relationship means to them, and to the people vying dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch their hearts.

Friction between Natalie and David comes to a head. David exposes himself like never before as he performs aerial yoga with Noelle while Natalie ends up in dating online sites free youtube full episodes 2016 watch sticky situation wagch Tommy. But her fortunes reverse after she jumps into shark infested waters with culturally-confused David and hits the outdoor gym with muscular JT.

Natalie dates golf-pro Tweed and Bob, who is old enough to be her grandfather. When David brings free-spirit Georgie and bombshell redhead Sarah back to the house, his Keeper, Nicole, gets possessive. David realizes that he may regret keeping high-maintenance Nadica. Luckily, he has party girl Vanessa and sexy, competitive Nicole vying for his attention.

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