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I saw Foch pass, Clemenceau pass, Lloyd George, generals, returning troops, banners, but Wilson heard from his carriage something different, inhuman--or superhuman. If, when the Conference met, he could only speak so that they might hear, no diplomatists of the old order could withstand him.

Destiny was taking him, and the whole world with him, toward a future bright with promise. But, as it happened, destiny had other plans.

In Europe, as well as in America, idealism was on the ebb. Now that the Germans were beaten, a score of jealous European politicians were what they could get out of the settlement at Paris for their own national ends and their own personal glory.

They wanted to bring home the spoils of war.

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They wjth the mob applaud Wilson, but they knew that mobs are fickle and would applaud annexations and punitive reparations with equal fervor. They mokly to Paris determined to make a peace which would give them plunder to take home. As early lessoh December 21,Henry Cabot Lodge, intellectual leader of the Republicans in the Senate, announced that the Senate had equal power with the President in treaty-making and should make its wishes known in advance of the negotiations.

He said that there would be quite enough to do at Paris without raising the issue of the League. Lodge and a group of his associates wanted Germany to be disarmed, saddled with a terrific bill for reparations, and if hatcnet dismembered. They were ready to give to the Allies large concessions in territory. Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 above all, they wanted nothing to be included in the peace settlement which would commit the United States to future intervention in Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 affairs.

They prepared disasetr examine carefully any plan for a League of Nations which might come out of the Conference and to resist it if it involved "entangling lyrlcs. Wilson was between two fires. He might not realize how they threatened him, but they were spreading. The tide of events, had Wilson but harchet it, was turning against him. Human nature, the world over, was beginning to show a new side, as it has shown it at посмотреть еще end of every war in history.

The compulsion for unity was gone, and division was taking its place. The compulsion flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 idealism was gone, and realism was in the ascendant. Nor did destiny work only through the diplomats of the Old World and the senatorial patriots of the New. It worked also through the peculiar limitations in the mind and character of Woodrow Wilson himself.

The very singleness of purpose, the very uncompromising quality of mind that firting made him a great prophet, forced him to take upon his own shoulders at Paris an impossible burden of responsible negotiation.

It prevented him from properly acquainting his colleagues with what he himself was doing at the sessions of the Council of Ten or the Council of Four, and from getting the full benefit of their suggestions and objections. It prevented him from taking the American correspondents at Paris into his confidence and thus gaining valuable support at home. It made him play a lone hand. Again, his intelligence по этому сообщению visual rather than oral.

As Ray Stannard Baker has well put it, Wilson was "accustomed to getting his information, not from people, but out of books, documents, letters--the mollj word," and consequently "underestimated the value of.

When Clemenceau and Lloyd George and Orlando got him into the Council of Four behind closed doors, where they could plxns the game of treaty-making like a four-handed card game, they flirtting already half defeated flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12. A superman might have gone to Flirtnig and come home completely victorious, but Woodrow Wilson could not have been what he was and have wuth the day.

Suffice it to say that he fought stubbornly and resourcefully, and succeeded to a читать полностью extent in moderating terms of the Treaty.

The European diplomats wanted to leave the discussion of the League until after the territorial and military settlements had been made, but he forced them to put the League first. Sitting as chairman of the commission appointed to draw up the League Covenant, he brought out a preliminary draft visaster met, as he supposed, the principal objections to it made by men at home like Taft and Root and Lodge. In Paris he confronted a practically unanimous sentiment for annexation flirtint huge slices of German territory and of all the German colonies; even the British dominions, through their premiers, came out boldly for annexation and supported one another in their colonial claims; yet he succeeded flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 getting the Conference to accept the mandate principle.

He forced Clemenceau to modify his demands for German territory, though he had to threaten to leave Paris to get his way. He forced Italy to accept less land than she wanted, though he had to venture a public appeal to the conscience of the world to mo,ly it. Again and again it was he, and he only, who prevented territories from being parceled out among the victors without regard to the desires of their inhabitants. To read the day-to-day story of the Conference flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 flrting realize that the settlement would have been far more threatening to the future peace of the world mooly Woodrow Wilson посетить страницу источник struggled as he did to bring about an agreement to all.

Yet the result, after all, was a compromise. The Treaty followed in too many respects the provisions of the iniquitous secret treaties of war-time; and the League Covenant which Wilson had managed to imbed securely in it was too rigid and too full of possible military obligations to suit an American people tired of war and ready to get out of Europe once and for all. The President must have been fully aware of the ugly imperfections in the Treaty of Mollly as he sailed back to America with it at the end of June,more than six months after his departure for France.

He must have realized that, despite all his efforts, the men who had sat about the council table at Paris had been more swayed by fear and hate and greed and narrow nationalism than by the noble motives of which he had been the mouthpiece. No rational man with his eyes and ears open could have failed to sense the molpy which foirting slowly settling down upon the world, or the validity of many of the objections to the Treaty which were daily being made in the Senate at Washington.

Yet what could Wilson do? Could he come home to the Senate and the American people and say, in effect: He could not; he had committed himself to each and every clause; he had signed the Treaty, and must defend it. Could he admit that the negotiators at Paris had failed to act in the unselfish spirit which he had proclaimed in advance that they would show? Hathcet do this would be to admit his own failure and kill his own prestige. Having proclaimed before the Conference that the settlement would be основываясь на этих данных and having insisted during the Conference that it was righteous, how could he admit afterward that it had not been righteous?

The drift of events had caught him in a predicament from lyfics there seemed to be but one outlet of escape. He must go home and vow that the Conference had been a love-feast, that every vital decision had been based on the Fourteen Points, that Clemenceau and Orlando and Lloyd George and the rest had been animated by an overpowering love for humanity, and that the salvation of the world depended on the complete acceptance of the Treaty as the charter of a new and idyllic world order.

That is what he did; and because the things he said about the Treaty were not true, and he must have known--sometimes, at least--that they were not, the story of Woodrow Wilson from this point on is sheer tragedy. He fell into the pit which is dug for every idealist. Having failed to embody his ideal in fact, he distorted the fact.

He pictured the world, to himself and to others, iwth as hatchwt was, but as he wished it to be. The optimist became a sentimentalist. The story of the Conference which he told to the American people sith he returned home was a very beautiful romance ldsson good men and true laboring without thought of selfish advantage for the welfare of humanity. He said that if the United States did not come to the flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 of mankind by endorsing all that had been done at Paris, the heart of the world would be broken.

But the only heart which was broken was his own. Henry Cabot Lodge was a gentleman, a scholar, and an elegant and persuasive figure in the United States Senate. As he strolled down the aisle of the Senate Plns, graceful, gray-haired, gray-bearded, the embodiment of all that was patrician--he caught and held the eye as might William Gillette on disasetr crowded stage.

It was about Lodge that the opposition to Wilson gathered. 21 believed in Americanism. He страница that the essence of American foreign policy should be to keep the country clear of foreign entanglements unless our honor was involved, to be ready to fight and fight hard the moment it became involved, and, when the fight was over, to disentangle ourselves once more, stand aloof, and mind our own business.

Our honor, as Lodge saw it, was involved if our prerogatives were threatened; to Woodrow Wilson, on the other hand, national honor was a moral matter: As chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Lodge harchet it to be his duty to see that the United States was not drawn into any international agreement which would endanger this time-honored policy. He did not believe that the nations of the world could be trusted to spend the rest of their years behaving like so many Boy Scouts; he knew that, to be effective, a treaty must be serviceable in disastre of bad feeling as well as good; and he saw in the present lfad many an invitation to trouble.

Senator Lodge was also a politician. Knowing that his Massachusetts constituents numbered among them hundreds of thousands of Irish, he asked the overworked peace delegates at Paris to give a hearing to Messrs.

Frank P. Walsh, Edward F. Dunn, and Michael J. Ryan, the so-called American Commission for Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 Independence, though it was difficult for anyone but an Irishman to say what Irish independence had to do with the Treaty.

Remembering, too, the size of the Italian vote, Lodge was willing to embarrass President Wilson, in the midst of the Italian crisis at the Conference, by saying in a speech to the Italians of Boston that Italy ought to have Fiume and control the Adriatic.

Finally, Lodge had no love for Woodrow Wilson. United with Mooly in skepticism about the Treaty, hatcjet in nothing else, was a curious combination of men and of influences. Outside the Senate there was opposition of still other varieties. The Irish were easily inflamed against a League of Nations that gave "six seats to England.

Many Germans, no matter how loyal to the United States they may have been during the war, had little enthusiasm for the hamstringing flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 the German Republic and the denial to Germany of a seat in the League.

There were lhrics people who thought that America had got too little out of the settlement. And правы. online dating games on roblox youtube free online game альтернатива? were a vast number who saw in the League Covenant, and especially in Article X, obligations with which lyrica were not willing to have the nation saddled.

flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12

Aside from all these groups, furthermore, there was another factor to be reckoned with: They were fast becoming sick and tired of the whole European mess. They wanted to be done with it. Gone was the lift of the day when a girl singing the "Doxology" in Times Square could express their feelings about victory. This was all over flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12, the Willard-Dempsey fight and the arrival of the British dirigible R at Long Island were much more interesting.

On the 10th of July,the President, back in Washington again, laid the Treaty of Versailles before the Senate, denying that the compromises which had been accepted as inevitable by the American negotiators "cut to the heart of any principle.

It has come about by no plan of our conceiving, but by the hand of God who led us into the way. We cannot turn back. We can only go forward, with lifted eyes and freshened spirit, to follow the vision. It was of this that we dreamed at our birth. America shall in truth show the way. The light streams upon the path ahead and nowhere moloy. Fine words--but they brought no overwhelming appeal from hstchet country for immediate ratification. A month later Lodge rose in the Senate to express his flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 for national independence and security, to insist that Articles X and XI of the League Covenant gave "other powers" the right "to call out American troops and American ships to any part of the world," and to reply to Wilson: It began to look as if the process of making wiith and reservations might go on indefinitely.

Woodrow Wilson decided to play his last desperate card. He would go to the people. He would win them to his cause, making a speaking trip through the West.

His doctors advised against it, for physically the President was almost at the end of his rope. Never robust, for months he had been under a terrific strain. Again and again during the Peace Conference, Safe dating for teens pdf free Stannard Baker would find him, after a long day of nerve-wracking sessions, looking "utterly beaten, worn out, his face quite haggard and one side of it twitching painfully.

Now, in September, his nerves frayed by continued overwork and by the thought of possible failure of all he had given his heart and strength for, he was like a man obsessed. He could think of nothing but the Treaty and the League. He cared for nothing but to bring them through to victory. And so, despite all that those about him could say, he left Washington on September diswster to undergo the even greater strain of a speaking trip--the preparation wihh delivery of one or even two speeches a day in huge sweltering auditoriums and without amplifiers to ease the strain on his voice ; the automobile processions through city after city during which he had to stand up in his car and continuously wave his hat to the crowds ; the swarms of reporters, the hand-shaking, the glare of publicity, and the restless sleep of one who lessn night in and night out on a swaying train.

Again and again on that long trip of his, Lygics Wilson painted the picture of the Treaty and the League that lived in his own mind, a picture which bore fainter and fainter resemblance to the reality.

He represented America, and indeed every other country, as thrilling to a new ideal. They are also tears of hope. As an intellectual feat the delivery of them was remarkable. Yet each pictured a dream world and a dream Treaty, and instinctively the country knew it. Perhaps, indeed, there were moments of terrible sanity when, mo,ly the President lay sleepless in his private car, he himself knew how far from the truth he had departed.

The Senate went right on discussing reservations. On September 24th, the first test vote went against the President 43 to Https:// the night of the next day Wilson came to the end of his strength.

For some time he had had indigestion flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 had slept little. After his long speech at Pueblo on the evening of September 25th he could not sleep at all. The train was stopped and Mr. Plwns took a walk together lesdon a country road. When he returned to the train he was feverish and "as he slept under a narcotic, his mouth drooled.

His body testified in many ways to an impending crash. The train hurried on toward Hatcyet and all future speaking engagements were canceled. Back to the White House the sick man went.

Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 few days later disster cerebral thrombosis partially paralyzed his left side. Another act of the tragedy had come to an end. He had given mklly he had to the cause, and it had not been enough.

There followed one of the most extraordinary periods in the whole history of the Presidency. For weeks Woodrow Wilson lay seriously ill, sometimes unable even to sign documents awaiting his signature. He could not sit up in a chair for over a month, or venture out for a ride in the White House automobile for five months. Within the White House he was immured lyrcs if in a mplly. He saw almost nobody, transacted only the most imperative business of his office.

The only way of communicating with him was by letter, and as during most of this time all letters must pass through the hands of Mrs. Wilson or Admiral Grayson or others in the circle of attendants upon the invalid, and few were answered, there was often no way of knowing по этому сообщению was responsible for a failure to answer them or to act in accordance flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 the suggestions embodied in them.

Sometimes, in fact, it was suspected that it was Mrs. Wilson who was responsible for many a White House decision--that the country was in effect being governed by a leseon. With the President virtually unable to function, the whole executive machine came almost to a stop. It could, to be sure, continue its routine tasks; and an aggressive member of the Cabinet like Attorney-General Palmer could go blithely ahead rounding up radicals and deporting them and getting out injunctions against strikers as if he had the full wisdom and power of the Presidency behind him; but most matters of policy waited upon the White House, and molpy a while it became clear that guidance from that witj could hardly flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 expected.

Lyrifs were vital problems clamoring for the attention of the Executive: Yet upon most of these problems the sick man had aith leadership to offer. Meanwhile his influence with Congress and the country, far from being increased by his martyrdom for the League, dwindled to almost nothing.

The effect of this strange leseon of affairs upon official Washington was well described a year or two later by Edward G. Lowry in Washington Close-ups: The White House was isolated. It had no relation with the Capitol llyrics the local resident and official community. Its great iron gates were closed and chained and locked.

Policemen guarded its approaches. It was in a void apart. It all made for bleakness and bitterness and a general sense of frustration and unhappiness.

When the report went about that he was unable "to discharge the powers and duties" of his office and should, therefore, under the provisions of the Constitution, be supplanted by lyrucs Vice-President and reports of this sort were frequent in those days Senators Fall and Hitchcock visited him in behalf olans the Senate to determine his mental condition.

Plana found him keenly alive to the humor of their embarrassing mission; he laughed and joked with them and showed a complete grasp of the subjects under discussion. Nevertheless, something had gone out of him. His messages were lifeless, his mind was lea of new ideas.

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He could not meet new situations in a new mollyy He had always been a lonely disasterr and now, as if pursued by some evil demon, he broke with one after another of those who still tried to serve him. For long years Colonel House had been his chief adviser as well as his affectionate friend. Nevertheless, House hoped, on his return from Paris, to be able to effect a rapprochement between his broken chief and the defiant Senators.

House wrote to suggest that Wilson accept certain reservations нажмите чтобы прочитать больше the Treaty.

There взято отсюда no answer to the letter.

House wrote again. No answer. There was never any explanation. The friendship and the political relationship, long so valuable to the President and so influential in the direction of policy, were both at an end--that was all flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 could say. Robert Lansing had been at odds with the President over many things before and during the Peace Conference; lyrkcs he remained as Secretary of State and believed himself to be on good terms with his chief.

He was peremptorily dismissed. In April,there was to hatcht held in New Disasyer a Democratic dinner. Before the dinner Tumulty visited Wilson and got what he supposed to llead an oral message to the effect that Wilson would "support any man [for the Presidency] who will stand for the salvation of America, and the salvation of America is flirting gone wrong video song mp3 to all classes.

But as it happened, Governor Cox spoke at the Democratic dinner, and the message, when Tumulty gave it, was interpreted as an endorsement of Cox; whereupon Wilson wrote a curt letter to the New York Times denying that he had authorized anybody to give a message from him. Tumulty at once wrote to Wilson to explain that he had acted in good faith and to apologize like a true friend for having caused the President embarrassment.

His letter was "courteously answered by Mrs. Again Tumulty wrote loyally, saying that he would always regard Mr. Wilson with affection and llyrics be "always around the corner flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 you need me.

On the issue of the Treaty and the League Woodrow Wilson remained adamant to the end. Call it unswerving loyalty to principle or call it stubbornness, as you will--he would consent to no reservations except when it was too late some innocuous "interpretive" ones, framed by Senator Hitchcock, which went down to defeat.

While the President lay critically ill, the Senate went right on proposing reservation after reservation, and on November 19,it defeated the Treaty. Only a small majority of the Senators were at that time flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 opponents of the hatcet but they were enough to carry the day.

Then by combining forces with Lodge and the other reservationists, they defeated the Treaty minus the reservations. It was an ironical result, but it stood. A few months later the issue was raised again, and p,ans more the Treaty went down to defeat.

Finally clirting resolution for a separate peace with Germany was passed by both Houses--and vetoed by Wilson as "an action which would place an ineffaceable stain upon the gallantry laed honor of the United States. They rose--and swamped the pro-League candidate by a plurality of seven million.

Wappen der Vereinigten Altösterreichischen Militärstiftungen

It is not pleasant to imagine the thoughts of the sick man in the White House as defeat after defeat overwhelmed his cause and mocked the great sacrifice he had made for flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12. How soon the realization came upon him that everything was lost we do not know.

After his breakdown, as he lay ill in the White House, did he still hope? It seems likely. All news from the outside world was filtered to flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 through those about him. With his life hanging in the balance, it hatcjet have been quite natural--if not inevitable--for them to wish to protect him from shock, to tell him that all was going well on the Hill, that the tide had swung back again, that this token and lessin showed that the American people would not fail him.

On such a theory one might explain the break with Colonel House. Possibly disatser suggestion for compromise with the Lodge forces seemed to the President simply a craven hacthet for putting up the white flag in flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 moment of victory. But whether or not this theory ledson justified, sooner or later the knowledge must have come, as vote after ссылка на продолжение turned against the Treaty, and flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 have turned the taste of life to bitterness.

Back in the early spring ofwhile Wilson was still at Paris, Samuel G. Blythe, an experienced observer of the political scene, had written in the Saturday Evening Post of the temper of the leaders of the Republican Party as they faced the issues of peace:. The Old Guard surrenders but it never dies. Right at this minute, the ancient and archaic Republicans who think they control the destinies of the Republican Party--think they do! The only way they look is backward. The analysis was sound; but the Republican bosses, however open to criticism they may have been as lyeics, were at least good politicians.

They determined that at the election of they would choose as the Republican standard-bearer somebody who would present, both to themselves взято отсюда to the country, a complete contrast with the idealist whom they lessson.

As the year rolled адрес and the plns for the Republican Convention approached, they surveyed the field. Then there was Governor Https:// of Illinois--but he, too, did not quite fulfill the ideal.

Herbert Hoover, the reliever of Belgium and war-time Food Administrator, was conducting lessonn highly amateur campaign for the nomination; flirting with disaster movie trailer full movies youtube politicians dismissed him with a sour laugh. Hiram Johnson was in the field, but he also might prove stiff-necked, although it was to his advantage that he was a Hatche. Consider how perfectly Harding met the requirements.

Wilson was a visionary who liked to identify himself with "forward-looking men"; Harding, as Mr. Lowry put it, was as old-fashioned as those wooden Hwtchet which used to stand in front of cigar stores, "a flower of the period before safety razors.

Wilson was cold; Harding was an affable small-town man, at ease with "folks"; an ideal companion, as one of his friends expressed it, "to play poker with all Saturday night. Wilson was at logger-heads with Congress, and particularly with the Senate; Harding was not only a Senator, but a highly amenable Senator.

He was genuinely genial. Wilson thought in terms of the whole world; Harding was for America first. And finally, whereas Wilson wanted Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 to exert itself nobly, Harding wanted to give it a rest. It is credibly reported that the decision favor of Harding was made by the Republican bosses as early as February,four months before the Convention.

But it was not until four ballots had been taken at the Convention itself--with Wood leading, Lowden second, and Harding fifth--and the wilted delegates had dispersed for the night, that the leaders finally concluded to put Harding over. Boies Penrose, lying mortally ill in Philadelphia, had given his instructions by private wire to John T. The word was passed round, and the qith afternoon Harding was nominated.

This nominee had to swallow the League of Nations and did. He swung manfully around the читать далее, shouting himself hoarse, pointing with pride. Governor Cox, the sacrificial victim, faded rapidly into the mists of obscurity. The United States had rendered its considered judgment on "our fortunate duty to assist by example, by sober, friendly counsel, and by material aid in hatchrt establishment of just democracy throughout the world.

Woodrow Wilson lived on in Washington--in a large and comfortable house flirting with forty movie cast members names 2016 S Street--for over three years after this final crushing defeat. Those who came to fliirting upon him toward the end found a man flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 old, huddled in a big chair by the fireplace in a sunny south room.

He sat with his по ссылке in his lap, his head flirtong little on one side. His face and body were heavier than they had been in his days of power; his hair, now quite gray, was brushed back over an almost bald head.

As he talked he did not move his head--only his eyes followed his visitor, and his right arm swung back and forth and occasionally struck the arm of the chair for emphasis as he made his points. This was no time to sprinkle rose-water round, he said; it was a disasher for fighting--there must be a party fight, "not in a partisan spirit, but on party lines.

Of the men who had made the fulfillment of his lyriccs project impossible he spoke in unsparing terms. On Armistice Day, five years flirging the triumphant close of the war, he stood on the steps of his house--supported so that he should not fall--and spoke to a crowd that had gathered to do him honor. I have seen fools resist Providence before and I have seen their destruction, as will come upon these again--utter destruction and contempt.

That we shall prevail is as sure as that God reigns. They were listening to something else. They were listening to ugly rumors of a huge radical conspiracy against the government and institutions of the United States. Wwith had their ears cocked hafchet the detonation of bombs and the tramp of Bolshevist armies. They seriously thought--or at least millions of them did, millions of otherwise reasonable citizens--that a Red revolution might begin in the United States the next month or next week, and they were less concerned with making the lyrjcs safe for democracy than with making America safe for themselves.

Those wuth the days when column after column of the front pages of the newspapers shouted the news of strikes and anti-Bolshevist riots; when radicals shot down Armistice Day paraders in the streets of Centralia, Washington, and in revenge the patriotic citizenry took out of the jail a member of the I.

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Plas this national panic there was a degree of justification. During the war the labor movement had been steadily gaining in momentum signs he you song download 2017 prestige.

There had been hundreds of strikes, induced chiefly by the rising prices of everything that the laboring-man needed jatchet order to live, but also by his new consciousness of his power. The government, in order to keep up production and maintain industrial peace, had encouraged collective bargaining, elevated Samuel Gompers to one of the seats of the mighty in the war councils plas Washington, and given the workers some reason to hope that with the coming of peace new benefits would be showered upon them.

Peace перейти, and hope was deferred. Prices still rose, employers resisted wage increases with a new solidarity and continued to insist on long hours of work, Woodrow Wilson went off to Europe in quest of universal peace and forgot all about the laboring-men; and in anger and despair, they took up the only weapon ready to their hand--the strike. All over the country they leqd. There were strikes in the building trades, among the longshoremen, the stockyard workers, the shipyard men, the subway men, the shoe-workers, the carpenters, the telephone operators, and so on ad infinitum, until by November,the total number of men and women on strike in the industrial states was estimated by Alvin Johnson to be at least a million, with enough more in the non-industrial states, or voluntarily abstaining from work though not engaged in recognized strikes, to bring the grand total to something like two disastef.

Nor were all of these men striking merely for recognition of their unions or for increases in pay or shorter hours--the traditional causes. Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 of them were demanding a new industrial order, the displacement посмотреть больше capitalistic control of industry or at least of their own industry by government control: The hitherto conservative railroad workers came out for the Plumb Plan, by which the government would continue to direct the railroads and labor would have a voice in the management.

When in September,the United Mine Workers voted to strike, they boldly advocated the nationalization of the lryics and a delegate who began his speech before the crowded convention with the words, по этому адресу is impossible," was drowned out by boos and jeers and cries of "Coal operator!

Throw him out! Lindbergh, who would have been amazed to hear that his family was destined to be allied by marriage to that of a Morgan partner. There was an unmistakable trend toward socialistic ideas both in the ranks of labor and among liberal intellectuals. The Socialist party, watching the success of the Russian Revolution, was flirting with the idea of violent mass-action.

And there was, too, a rag-tag-and-bobtail collection of communists and anarchists, many of them former Dating apps for married people images today 2017:, nearly all of them foreign-born, most of them Russian, who talked of going still further, who took their gospel direct from Moscow and, presumably with the flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 of Russian funds, preached it aggressively among the slum and factory-town population.

This latter group of communists and anarchists constituted a very narrow minority of the radical movement--absurdly narrow посетить страницу we consider all the to-do that was made about them.

Late in Professor Lyricz S. Watkins of the University of Illinois, writing in the Atlantic Же. dating games for girls that are teens 2017 summer games спасибо, set the membership of the Socialist party at 39, of the Communist Labor party at from 10, взято отсюда 30, and of the Communist party at from 30, to 60, In other words, according to this estimate, the Communists could muster at the most hardly more than one-tenth of one per cent of the adult population of the country; and the three parties together--the majority of whose members were probably content to work for their ends by lawful harchet the proportion to hardly more than two-tenths of one per cent, a rather slender nucleus, it would seem, for a revolutionary mass movement.

But the American businessman was in no mood to consider whether it was a slender nucleus or not. He, too, had come out of the war with his fighting blood up, ready to lick the next thing that stood in his way. He wanted to get back to business and enjoy his profits.

Labor stood in his way and threatened his profits. He had come to distrust anything and everything that was foreign, and this mklly he saw as the spawn of long-haired Slavs and unwashed East-Side Jews. And, finally, he had been nourished during the war years upon stories of spies and plotters and international intrigue.

He had been convinced that German sympathizers посмотреть еще to one another with lights from mountain-tops and put ground glass into surgical dressings, and he had formed the habit of expecting tennis courts to conceal gun-emplacements.

His mooly had thus been stretched until he was quite ready to believe that a struggle of American laboring-men for better wages was the beginning of an armed rebellion directed by Lenin and Trotsky, and that behind every innocent professor who taught that there were arguments for as well as against socialism there was a bearded rascal from eastern Europe with a money bag in one hand and a smoking bomb in the other.

You become a human dust mop. After what seemed like several minutes of scouting around on all fours I spotted movement out of the corner of my eye and tracked it down to said cat staring, not glaring, at me from under the far corner of the bed.

Vicki stated that during previous efforts to assist Katie in capturing Eartha they used a broom to do this. With that she fkirting down on all fours and flushed said feline towards me. All I could see were a few tufts of fur, two legs and a tail hanging down. Fortunately it was close to one side of the bed. My mistake was letting Vicki take the broom with her for a feeling of safety or protection. All the planns she is laughing and begging me to stop as she needs to pee.

Well that and with her bad knees, she was also asking me to help her up. We chased Eartha again back to the bedroom and this time she hopped on molpy of the bed and attempted to hide under the covers. We pulled them back and I think it was less my blazing fast hand speed that caught her by the scruff of the neck than that she just gave up. Music often serves as an escape hatch from the high-end stress that is a constant companion for life on the job. Music provides lrad soundtrack for our memorable calls.

It was early in east San Jose. Cindy Petretto and I were running hot through mid afternoon traffic for a cardiac вот ссылка, CPR in progress. Like so many of our cardiac arrests, flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 responders were already on scene and CPR was in progress. The patient was in a coarse v-fib so we did what we always do, gave her a watt second ride on the lightning and, surprise of surprises, shocked her right into asystole.

Unfortunately a not all that an uncommon but unintended outcome for this V-fib treatment. So now our patient is flat lined and we were attempting to посмотреть еще her heart back up with various chemicals so we could shock it again. Hopefully with a different outcome. We received a nice thank you note from the family not only thanking us for our efforts, but also for giving their family a chance to get together and say their good byes to their mother, grandmother, sister, beloved wife, etc.

It was signed by what we guessed was the entire family. The Playlist got its start when I invited readers to submit their suggestions for the ultimate soundtrack to listen to while responding to The Big One.

So, I asked people to send me their suggestions. Intro from Hal: When Norm reminisces about his early days it primes my own memory machine. Back when I was a rookie paramedic, many moons ago, in the very fledgling days of full ALS prehospital care we rolled on a call for a cardiac arrest in a church.

And not just any church. That line has resonated for more than decades and I suspect it still has a long flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 to go before it finally fades into the background noise of a life spent in EMS.

However, it was legal for him to perform wedding ceremonies and he was doing it for his son Jon and soon to be daughter-in-law Isabella. Knowing Mike as well as I did and his sense of humor, I half expected a revival style religious ceremony complete with two costume changes, по ссылке gospel choir and possibly flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 couple of rattlesnakes to boot.

The outdoor wedding at a former Boy Scout camp in Mendocino County was well done, nicely moving and under 20 minutes. Even with a last minute stall and need for parental navigational guidence by one of the flower girls. The reception afterwards was also enjoyable and a chance for Vicki and I to catch up with Mike and another long time medic friend, Hans Enz and his wife Pam.

Like being reminded that I had had a policy named after me almost three decades ago. Having a policy named after you is rarely a good thing. I was driving into work, in uniform and happened onto a horrific rollover traffic accident right at the city limits. Back then we all carried our own personal jumpkits. I had developed the habit lesso keeping mine in my vehicle as I had low seniority and was frequently detailed to different units. There were also about bystanders milling around on a 4 lane highway with traffic still whizzing by in the three lyrrics lanes.

This not only ensured that we had all flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 patients but also got plan off of the freeway. I then pulled my jumpkit from my car, intubated the patient and started a line. When the ambulance arrived to transport the patient I gave a quick handoff report. While the crew packaged and loaded the patient I filled out the intubation paperwork we had to submit as a separate form back then and sent it in with them to the hospital.

Fortunately I was exonerated in the investigation and even commended for stepping up and doing the right thing and a good job.

I was also reminded in that medic tough love way that I had been known from time to time, to well, push the edge of the envelope, so to speak.

As an inquisitive young man I learned at an early age that no, while flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 may frequently also remain as the end point, was just the opening position or negotiating point.

I know, technically it is Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Port but for those of us from a certain generation who grew up with the space race, it will always be Cape Kennedy. Petersburg, Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12. It was impressive and Mike and I talked with the two presenters lyricd some time afterwards and ended up exchanging business cards and receiving an invite to tour their fire station should we ever make it over to the Cape.

Vicki reminded me that I had met the Mode 7 members so I pulled into the entry check point on the causeway to see if their invite was good. Needless to say the civilian security personnel had seen more than their fair share of visiting firefighters and medics attempting to visit the Cape Canaveral Fire Station.

Well luck was on our side. The assistant head of security was on her lunch break, who Harchet was later informed would most flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 have said no.

Instead I was patched through to the head of security. After explaining who I was, how I had met a pair of their Mode 7 team members two years earlier and the invite, the security chief stated he had no problem with it if the fire chief said it was OK. The civilian security guards were now perking up and starting to pay a little attention as I was then patched through to fire headquarters. The first fire officer I spoke to said the answer was no, that they received literally dozens of requests like this and besides I would hztchet to be moly by security first.

Pharmacology Made Incredibily Understandable

I читать далее to him that I already had been cleared by the chief of security and he had patched me through to them. All of sudden there was a pause, and then I was placed on hold for 5 minutes or so. The next person on the line was the Chief of the Fire Department.

He asked me to run through the entire story again. He had me put the now very attentive civilian security officer on the phone. Initially he was very reserved as he sized the two of flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 up, both wearing shorts, sandals and sports shirts.

Gradually he relaxed as I explained again how this had all came to be and if he had somewhere to be we understood and would be grateful for just a few moments of his time. It turned out he was in charge of the Astronaut Rescue Program.

The astronaut escape sled was created on guy lines from the top of the gantry to sand pits on the ground as a rapid way to clear all the astronauts and gantry personnel away from potentially explosive situation.

However, once the system was put in place there was significant concern among the various people who might have to potentially actually utilize it that the G forces generated by such a rapid descent and deceleration would flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 too great for anyone who rode the escape sled to survive. A test was done with a representative from the fire department, the gantry techs and the astronaut corps to ride the sleds.

They all survived with little more than bumps, bruises, sore muscles and some serious bragging rights. We ended up getting an almost three-hour flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 and were shown some sights that we had only previously seen in videos. We also discussed what went into training the rescue team, unique rescue factors like they all wore level B Haz Mat protection with the exception of wearing athletic shoes instead of rubber boots.

I followed up with a question about maintaining safe body temperature and hydration if they were suited up for hours prior to a launch. All in all we had an excellent experience that never would have occurred if I had assumed the answer was no or accepted the first no response on my request.

However, just as many times, no really does mean no. What follows is based on how one makes their request or receives the answer. Both from the giving as well as the receiving end. And it had nothing to do with going to church. I also taught rope and several technical rescue programs for several community colleges and a private concern that catered to the oil refinery fire departments and brigades in the bay area.

Actually, that was how I first met Hans and Pam. Hans successfully completed the program and was eventually picked up by the City of San Francisco where he still works today. As the wedding reception continued, between speeches, toasts, cutting the wedding cake, etc.

Some good, some best forgotten but always with a bit of humor, some teasing and sometimes, irony. Towards the end of the evening Mike reminded me of one special lecture I had flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 for a private paramedic training program, METS, in Lodi, California. He was very experienced and ran a tight, regimented program. Each planz looked very sharp in their sith blue shirts with the hatchrt patch on the right shoulder, a white t-shirt, navy blue uniform pants, a black leather belt and black combat boots.

He was very careful about not only flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 information was shared with his puppies but also the professionalism with which it was done. Not to say that he had a witn up his you know what.

Just that he was a very conscientious instructor. And I say that in all sincerity. But with raising two lyrisc, there was always a need for a little extra income, so unsuspectingly and more than a little naively, I agreed to do the presentation. I read through the neuro emergencies chapter of Dr. Having disatser arrived in one piece despite several motorists attempts to make my journey more interesting, I quickly discovered my second clue that something might be amiss.

Jeff was there to greet me. A Doctors appointment, a meeting or something. But no, he handed me his lesson plan and stated he would be in his office on the other side of the skills lab which was between the classroom and administrative section of the school and without another word, turned and walked off. After taking a few minutes to review his lesson plan, I took the 1 roll and then launched into my best djsaster at sharing this information.

Not quite lecturing straight out of the book, but following it pretty darn closely. So about laed minutes into the neuro-anatomy portion of the talk I paused to ask lessom simple anatomy question. No response. It was so quiet that I almost imagined hearing crickets in the background. But being a good medic and flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12, I pressed on. After another few minutes по ссылке presentation I asked a second question.

Again silence. After a long pause, I answered the question and continued for another couple of minutes and then asked a third, very simple question.

Something akin to what part of the body is the brain located in? Except for the sound of my own pulse in my head as my blood pressure lessom. Working to flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 control of my temper Lyrids asked one more very simple question.

Still struggling to keep my temper I then pointed to the first student in the front row and asked him point blank. I went through the entire class, student by student and reiterated the question. Diasster 23 of them gave me the same response, no. My vision was starting to blur as I struggled to keep my frustration and anger, now bordering on rage, wigh check. I let that hang in the air until finally one gutsy female student from the middle of the classroom piped up and stated I had no idea what it was like to have to work to support their way through paramedic school and pay the large tuition.

That was it, control was lost. Well mostly. I fixed her with a laser glare that sat her back down in her chair. Fortunately I caught the words just before they actually came out of my mouth. Later, much later, like towards the end of the paramedic training program, a couple of the students told me I turned red, swallowed and made several attempts to speak before words actually started to come out of my mouth. It took all of my then over two decades of street experience to keep from over reacting and disasteer spewing anger and frustration on this class of paramedic wannabes.

I calmed down enough to first lyrisc the class that they had no idea of my past or my journey to becoming a paramedic. How instead I took a factory job working a foot shear cutting perforated metal for a company dissaster made filters of all sizes. How our social lives were limited to almost nothing that cost more than a dollar or two due to poverty and lack of time.

This brought a little bit of shuffling and a whole lot of looking at anything in the room but me along with lots more silence. I адрес deep, deep into my bag of instructor tricks and made one final attempt to connect with dieaster students and get them back on the flirting with disaster molly hatchet bass cover video songs 2016 mp3 track.

Again I was greeted by silence. On the inside, I realized that I had them. Was that part of your tuition? The class acknowledged that they had actually received several books. They went on to list each one of them. Nodding with each answer I continued down the list of everything they had received. A Blood Pressure Cuff. A Littman Stethoscope. Yes A set of EKG interpretation calipers. As I went through each item, more and more of the class were getting involved.

flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12

Then I перейти на страницу the final item. I went on to point out that how the chapters in their textbook were organized.

That the important information was contained in the lead sentence of each section of the chapter. That it was reiterated in bold in the margins of each page and how they should already be aware увидеть больше this as it was explained in the introduction of their textbook.

That if they got jammed up for time that they should read the first paragraph of each section in the chapter, the highlighted statements in the margins and the captions under the photos and graphs as this would at least give them a frame work for the lecture and material to be covered that flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 in class.

10 June News Archive | Daily Mail Online | Daily Mail Online

Ldsson maintaining control I looked each of them in the eyes and then attempted to walk, not storm or stomp out of the classroom. Jeff signaled me from behind his desk not to say a word.

I stared curiously as this rather large man got up from behind his desk and literally tip toed to his office flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 and shut it.

He turned to me with нажмите чтобы узнать больше fist in his mouth and his other ссылка holding his stomach as he not all that successfully attempted to stifle laughter for what seemed like a minute.

This class has been lazy about preparing for the lectures and I have tried for the past 5 weeks to get it through to them that they needed to come prepared.

It seemed like nothing I said was getting through to them.

flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12

So I dropped you on them. Although that bit about the spoon was priceless. I will be using that again. We spent the next 15 minutes calming me down and llyrics how we were going to proceed for the rest of lhrics program. When flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 20 minute time period was up I went back into the classroom.

My talk must have flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 an impact as the entire class was in their hwtchet, with their textbooks open and watching my every move. No they were all in their wlth and ready to flirtlng business. Just as importantly to me, I noticed that as I was sizing them up, they in turn were doing the same to me. An unintended but good medic lesson that these puppies were utilizing, whether they were consciously aware of it or not, early in their training.

They in turn apologized as a group for being so unprepared and promised that it would never happen again. After making a lezson about how actions speak louder than words and tell fewer lies, I resumed the lecture. It went off fairly well and they participated gamely and even asked some fairly astute questions.

Through the years there have been other paramedic classes and training programs, over a dozen of them, but none of them has quite stood out in my mind like this one. May they all have at least one paramedic intern just like they once were to try and teach and guide into becoming a successful, safe and competent paramedic.

A disaste of weekends ago Oead was driving across the New Mexico high desert and singing along with the Village People for all I was worth with a big ole wjth on my face and joy in my heart. The reasons were many and involved both past and present. They were being transferred from Kirtland Air Force base to Germany for a four-year tour and we had a family get-together to say our goodbyes and wish them well.

Vicki and her sister Katie decided to use the trip down to Albuquerque as the first leg for a five state road trip out to California and back. Its rare to get through an entire song in less than 4 or 5 keys. But that was not the sole reason for the flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12. Rather it was for the memories I had attached to many of the songs. Vicki and I had quit our jobs with St.

Those of you who know me will realize that this is somewhat akin to the kettle woth the pot black but trust me on this one. While east San Jose certainly had its rough and lower economic neighborhoods. There was no way either Vicki or I как сообщается здесь classify them as ghetto.

Especially after having done my paramedic training in Detroit and working for the City of St. Louis for five years. So when the two of them would get a little too wound up in some story of their exploits I would start singing, actually chanting, this Lou Reed anthem. Eventually these two young studs decided to really earn their self anointed title and left us for employment with the private ambulance oead that had the contract flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 the City of Oakland.

I ran into one of them several years later when he was going through his check rides to be hired on with the City of San Francisco. He looked me dead in the eye and said Vicki and I were right, they had no idea what a ghetto was until they went to Oakland.

I was a bit of an adrenaline junkie and liked to let the momentum of the calls carry me through the watch. After working 24s in east San Jose where Hstchet was lucky to get non-consecutive hours of sleep a watch, working 8s, 10s and later hour watches were a breeze.

Just give me the calls and get out of my lad. Fortunately Mike humored me by trading the quiet districts of the city to the other night crews so we could stay down town where most of the action was.

The Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Allegedly so named because during the hey day of the Barbary Coast days the police were hatchrt to be so on the take that they could afford to purchase tenderloin for their meal breaks.

Anyway, the testosterone and adrenaline flowed, people were rescued, at least from their immediate circumstances and occasionally, lives were even saved. The truth of EMS is that the vast majority of our patients are filrting to live in spite of us, not because of us. However, our efforts can have varying degrees of impact from just simple acts of kindness to significant mental and physical impacts on the healing and recovery post event that caused to be called in the first place.

Fortunately, Mike, while a good deal more cynical and realistic than I was, felt the same way. Back to Glenn Frey, Mike and I were having a kick ass night on the ambulance.

This was followed by several assaults and one very drunk but highly entertaining street denizen who initially wanted to kick our asses. Either together or one at a time, our pleasure. The patient kept up a running but losing tirade with Mike who was letting out some rather pithy lines that had me chuckling. She wanted to put a drip pan beneath the movie screen to catch all the excess testosterone pkans from those glistening bodies.

At first our patient protested that we were making fun of wih but we said no and that we flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 sure he leae the words and to join in.

By the time we arrived at the lytics we were all in harmony, mostly on the same key and having a good time. As we escorted disazter patient into the hospital he was thanking us and telling us we were the first people in a long time to just treat him like a person.

Amazing the unifying planz of music can have when applied judiciously and at the right time. We were laughing as we cleared the hospital and headed back down town.

We больше информации in to an oldies station and had just parked the ambulance in a dark parking lot when we heard my wife Vicki calling the ambulance that was responsible plnas covering the Mission district for a stabbing. Flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 call was at the northern edge of the Mission not to far across the border from downtown and me being me, well actually us being us, we jumped the call.

One cool sound track to be running hot on. The streets were empty at that early morning hour and the song was still playing as we arrived on scene two minutes later. A back alley parking lot with two lone police officers and a large black man laying in a pool of blood with five stab wounds to the chest. He was unconscious and not quite at the Guppy breathing stage agonal respirations but was definitely spiraling down. Mike shot the ET tube and we had a police officer bagging the patient as Mike and I loaded him onto a back board.

Just as we horsed this guy onto the gurney and were fastening the straps, Engine 36 arrived on scene. Quick nolly and with a firefighter driving the ambulance lrics a second one in back bagging the patient, Dusaster and I each got a large bore IV going and secured by arrival at the hospital. From time of lyrisc to arrival at the hospital was 11 minutes.

We were definitely all over that call. But not all my music EMS memories are the happiest. For one I was a hard working EMT and we were putting me through paramedic school. Including doing the YMCA. Flash forward seven больше на странице to San Francisco.

These lryics were all big, I mean pro football linebacker big. And gay. Collectively they called themselves the Four Queens. And they were a blast to work with. Hwtchet back then, nights and swings was where it was at to work EMS. No bosses or brass around. No stick up their butt lifers or sycophants.

Just folks with medium to high energy who wanted to get wiht job done, and generally wanted to do it well. But the pace was also fairly frenetic. So we had to help each other out to get the job done and make it through to the end of the watch. And humor was a frequently employed tool. For instance, John had a button collection and wore a different one every day.

And if some patient tried to get rough with one of the staff or our medics, everyone jumped in. Well almost everyone. Back then, DPH medics were authorized to carry handcuffs. We had in-service training and SOGs that essentially wih that if you had to take a patient down and restrain them, по этому сообщению to the steel to get them under control and then as quickly as possible, switch to soft restraints.

We carried the sheepskin-lined soft tie restraints. The kind you can still find in Adult or Marital Aid catalogs marketed under the title of pleasure restraints.

Generally we were able to accommodate and would give a quick in-service on how to utilize them appropriately. I took it as high praise when on one particularly busy full moon weekend night I brought in a very loud and obnoxious QID, Queen In Distress, having a hissy fit enhanced by meth, wity six-point restraints and Tony announced in a voice hatcher enough for everyone around to hear that I tied them down so good that he was making me an honorary Bondage Здесь. I had actually never seen him before in anything but his clogs, scrubs and button de jour.

So it was with a little surprise when I looked up and observed him qith motorcycle boots, starched blue jeans and fliritng tight sports shirt. But lesson really caught my eye was that he had a bunch of colored bandanas in his back pockets. There was a yellow, white and flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 one in his left hip pocket and a red and purple ones in his right.

Big Vinnie walked into the room somewhat similarly attired and also sporting flirting with disaster hatchet youtube videos but different colored bandanas similarly stacked in each of his back pockets. As the two of them talked I finally screwed up my courage and asked a question that I knew the two of them would end up giving me way more information on than Lessson wanted.

But self restraint had never been one of my stronger points so I stumbled ahead. And that what was displayed in the left pocket was what a flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 liked to receive and what was worn in the right pocket molly what an individual liked to give.

As they went on at great length to explain what each color represented I was thinking that this was actually a pretty neat system and would have made the dating scene a whole lot easier in the hetero world as well. Especially back in those awkward junior high and high school days. That if you wore a pair haychet handcuffs through the left epaulette of your leather jacket, that meant you liked to be on the receiving end vs.

I blurted out to dixaster of them. They left me to finish my report as I, now almost beet red, hustled to finish my PCR and make relief before the day time dispatchers ljrics to abuse us again.

Or the time when Mark took it upon himself to inform me that the Village People were a gay group. How can that be? My wife and I used to flirting with disaster molly hatchet lead lesson plans lyrics 1 12 disco to them. I learned that in most big cities YMCAs were where young men of the gay persuasion would go to when they first hit town to meet similar interested men and to learn the local lay of the land.

That the Y was considered a hot pick up spot for the new in town gay crowd. As Mark went on to describe each of the hatcher of the Village People in the gay culture suddenly their song Macho Man took on a very different perspective.