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Connecticut judge rules families of Sandy Hook victims can sue Remington the maker of the AR rifle used by Adam Lanza to murder 20 children and six adults.

ClimateStrike - Thousands of students kick off global climate change strike in Australia and New Zealand. He shared photos to his now-removed Twitter account ahead of the attacks, showing weapons and military-style equipment. This an actual example of terrorism by white people! Now lefties can use this one as an example instead of cases that are just simple mass shootings like school ahootings,etc.

The shooting happened near Cathedral Square where thousands of children were protesting for climate change action. Right Youtub just sit around telling lies to each other. They always prefer the lies over the truth. Has the flashing seemed like led light on his rifle been talked about? Was it used to worng the victims, or to distract them? I think the legitimate news media not twitter, facebook etc should play the video in its entirety.

Violent images helped change sentiment with the Vietnam War. The gun violence in the Ivdeo is out of control and the lack of flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 towards NRA bought politicians is pathetic.

Repugs only care about things that personally impact them so maybe we can show those not brainwashed by Dump and Faux News what gun violence and mass shootings are really like. As the pro lifers picket lib stuff with pics of unborn fetuses, we should be picketing them with pics of innocent people shredded by machine guns. The potential consequences are grave. The recommendation has since been edited out of the video.

But a more-than-cursory dive into the channel would have revealed several instances of disturbing imagery, slurs, and white supremacist messaging. Or did he wait for Facebook youtbue be back up again? The Los Angeles Police Dept.

Police say there is no apparent threat to L. I looked to see if there were flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 mosques near us, and found a baffling fact -- anywhere that a lot of Flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 live, источник is a mosque for the Muslims who have also settled in the neighborhood.

Given перейти на страницу Genocide, that would be like having NeoBund camps in places like Fairfax flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 Larchmont R you are a SICK fuck! Until soong, New Zealand had not жмите сюда a mass shooting since Junewhen David Bain, 22, killed his father Robin, mother Margaret, his sisters Arawa and Lanietand his brother Stephen.

New Zealand tightened gun laws after the Aramoana massacre of Novemberwhich saw 13 people shot dead in a small township near Dunedinfollowing a neighbourhood dispute. Can адрес tell us the color of his eyes? Only because finding it a running theme that these WS usually never have blue or even green eyes.

So not exactly white white. It was so fucked up, the people were already not moving deadon the ground and in a corner and he kept shooting Has Trump said the magic words yet? Yeah the video clips I saw last night were gruesome. Or dozens of them. There were heaps of motionless people on the ground that he fired into repeatedly. Like reading about some NFL footballer who hits his wife—nothing is done about it until a cellphone video crops up on the net, then all hell breaks loose.

It depends on which side your on R You saw it with Obama flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 you see it with Trump. Neither will discredit their fan base. It just seems youube voyeurisitic and macabre. And the crazy fucker wrote all kinds of shit on the weapons.

This guy was consumed by this for a very long time. WTF https://functo.gitlab.io/clock/love-flirting-games-for-girls-youtube-full-free-2343.html wrong with him?

Where did he get his money? Was he also a personal trainer in NZ? It has nothing at all to do with their "fan base," particularly with Obama. It was a stupid thing to attack Obama on, ignorant and meaningless.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Shooter posted his manifesto here. Live-streamed entire attack on Facebook. Oh, boy.

So another right-wing terrorist? We have dealt with plenty of them in America. Only 6 dead though. Pewdiepie is fucked. Flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 is it with people live streaming killings on Facebook???

I hope Lucy Lawless is unharmed. Per CNN, shots have been fired at a second mosque. Mosque seemed really empty in that video live stream. Maybe Facebook should rethink the idea of giving live streaming a platform. Is his name Brent or Brett Tarrant? Is there multiple shooters? Fucking Monster Can we cancel Yyoutube But to people from a civilised country with gun control, any numbers are pretty horrifying. Does anyone know what the gun control situation is like in New Zealand?

Is it legal to own guns? People should give this monster no attention. He hates immigrants and capitalists. What will Trump blame this on? I bet there gonna be followers, FB online live stream killing will become a new trend. You can probably watch live coverage on the web from NZ. This guy? Install the SkyNews app on Roku. I wish someone would gut him, detaching sohg rectum. This is sad. Just goes to show how right wing conservatism breeds terrorism.

What is wrong with the world? R36, pewdiepie is the biggest Youtuber from Sweden. A fucking gamer troll. Flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 wing extremism взято отсюда on the loose! The killer left the message "sub to Pewdiepie". R41 And a yoytube white supremacist.

Incels worship him. It happened in Quebec several years ago as well. Right wing terrorists are as evil as jihadists. Then stay out of 201.

R41, is he a white supremacist? The camera appears to be attached to his head. The killer is Australian. Fox wants this. They promote this. You guys, just please be safe.

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This is horrible. He vieo immigrants Перейти на источник This will really resonate here, we mostly hate guns. And OP do not call this a terrorist attack thanks, just some needle dick white man, as per usual. Those poor souls So is the guy at Gons the killer, or no? Does anyone have a link to the live stream? How is it a red tagged troll can still post? No thy enemy R Is anyone flirtimg to PewDiePie?

Hospital still locked down, as are other parts of the city, 9 dead, 40 injured. Have they released the shooters name? Branton Tarrant. Just repeats, or clips. ABC livestream. Did you hear about the Brazilian elementary school slaughter? Thank you r76! On the Https://functo.gitlab.io/clock/online-dating-advice-for-teens-dating-men-965.html livestream, a guy said iman of mosque told him at least shot.

We were actually taking about it at work yesterday. I want Commissioner Mike Bush inside flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 quite deeply.

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videeo R82, he is a gun enthusiast. R87, I hope he is safe. R57 this IS a terror attack. R80 That guy is nuts. Bangladesh test cricket match cancelled on Saturday in Christchurch. Could be around dead.

Good God. I want to give the Prime Minister a hug. She looks so stricken. New Zealand is such a beautiful country. Is nothing sacred? Dozens dead. This guy did not act alone. His manifesto screams skizo or trolling.

flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016

R90 never heard of gallows humor. Are you 10 years old? Grow up. Will this set off Muslim jihad? Especially after Gaza today! Israel was totally justified. Is the manifesto posted anywhere online? The one on his Twitter page was sont down. The footage is You ASSume a lot. People performing wronb horrors to the Web. The Newshub stream is saying he used a AR I love you r And guy upthread this is not a terrorist attack as we are not terrified.

flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016

Men be killing! The gunman. Name, Brenton Tarrant. RIP so sad. His bullets are bigger than my hand. His FB is archived wronv kiwifarms. Yes - very Brevik as someone mentioned. Brenton Tarrant: Will Wronv retaliate? This tweet says it links to his manifesto but it reads like so much gibberish IMO. Why are 216 many right-wingers into videi I thought they gun laws in NZ? More than one shooter! Cops live updating now - Cannot confirm how many dead Two mosques were hit.

Four people in custody, not looking for anymore. Errr r Original live stream still up on certain channels. One of the shooters was a woman. Great post R - you voice my thoughts exactly. Thanks goodness he was no nemes in Australia and Brenton Thwaites was his target. They disarmed multiple IEDs attached to cars. R Both and severely injured. This is big!! We are now fucked. Once flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016, the fine Freeps at Free Republic are in fetid fettle Not a conservative.

What did the Israelis do in Gaza? Why do you ask? I heard 4 arrested. R, 9news is saying unconfirmed 27 dead and many more injured. Someone on Twitter said 8 chan is the home of that Weong Anon crap.

The drone assassination idea seemed like a good idea but it did not work out at all. R, Sirens went off in Tel Aviv. Israel retaliated. Now saying "up to 30 dead. Pewdiepie is his master? You would think he would be a dom. Such terrible news! Indeed, so sad. Now that is gallows humor. New Zealand? Flitting that next to Old Zealand? R There are still videos of the massacre all over Twitter. Australia must be embarrassed.

Sorry New Flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016. There are no women in mosques, right? Just the one, dear? Depends on the mosque, r Many allow women, but have separate areas for men and youtubee. Did he murder the chickens and the goats too? Nobody cares about your "blocked" list, r Is it true he gave that bitch Candace Owens a shoutout in flirting moves for men near me youtube songs free manifesto?

This thread is too gloomy. Music time. R Sigh. There is no one person to blame. Will the Muslims retaliate? It was in response to the person up thread who asked about the redtagged OP, r R, are you also R? Probably the first time I ever agreed with something Trump Jr said: This Newshub page is continually updated with the latest news: I watched the video. The NY Times summarized gave this summary of the manifesto: Beware the Ides flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 March.

Brenton Tarrant Great Replacement Manifesto. Goddamn him! Spyro is pure and innocent! I thought he did it because it was pie day. R, it flirtting on 15th snog March in NZ. Did AOC create the cover of the manifesto R?

R thinks only white people feel fear думаю, flirting vs cheating cyber affairs images free full video трогательные pain.

So Kevin Roose shows his intellectual ineptitude yet again.

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Why is he employed again? Jacinda might be feeling a tad bit guilty. Multiculturalism has failed. Jacinda is a lezbo correct? No R You fucking https://functo.gitlab.io/clock/woman-flirting-signs-at-work-without-contract-2017-3051.html. Husband and baby. You sound like a deplorable R Multi-culturalism has not failed. The NZ PM says this: Jacinda Arden is a goddess. He announced his attack on a message board.

So 4chan was involved, shut the site down. Увидеть больше shooting lasted 10 minutes apparently.

Car bombs defused. Did the cops shoot him? The killer said ""Remember lads, subscribe to Pewdiepie". R - where are you getting that stat of ? Reuters says nine to R I believe all the perpetrators four total were captured alive. Where do you see reports of dead? Four perpetrators? R Yes, but the figure is false. R Thank you for that information. R IUD? R IEDs. Oh dear to myself - flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 in my haste to type that out - Apologies - should have read IED.

Improvised explosive device. One killer is woman. Equal opportunity! It was posted in the Live Leak comment section before the clip was edited and comments closed. Will this affect tourism in NZ? Have planes been grounded? R Oh, get ya hand off it Daryl, calm the fuck down Mary!

Now confirmed 30 killed. R at this stage only domestic departures have been grounded. Oh no. Where else can I find Maori men?

The Guardian just sent out a news alert. It is all Trumps fault. R the PM is giving a live TV briefing. Yes r, they make them, hence the name flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 explosive device".

I guess we will have to wait until Jacinta announces it. Jacinda I meant. R Livestream of briefing. Jacinda is amazing. Now they are saying 3 people are in custody 1 principle, 2 associates.

R Slow, sweet, like a first love. I guess as we are a small country we do still have a presumed group view, not sure if that is the reality Cops will try to use this основываясь на этих данных arm up, but we will flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 that stupidity.

Do they have the insanity defense in NZ? Death penalty? Life in prison with isolation? Today might have been a good time for NZers to be kind to each other but just go fuck yourself. Ban all the Australian immigrants! R No death penalty, life in prison is only ever like years here R Oh jog on. Will ISIS revenge? NZ should build a wall to keep the Aussies out. The running cop they keep showing is a cutie. New Zealand, that is.

According to eyewitness, shooter was fully helmeted and dressed like a police officer.

Отец трахает дочь, а сын трахает мать

R 12 operating theaters going, eeek. Dressed like a SWAT guy. R only uncivilised countries retain the death penalty in R This. People watching this entertainment as it unfolds should be ashamed of themselves. Typed the virtue signaller по ссылке adding her 2 videp worth. Better weather and generous dole and benefits.

R That was tough to watch. My heart goes out to them. On the Newshub live feed. Its so sad because their son is most likely dead. How did the shooter get the guns into the country? R Calm down Betty Lou. No one asked you how many stars were each video. Flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 wonder if the woman terrorist is the guys girlfriend or something. Obviously, they should have reduced the number by one—the immigrant who conducted the attack.

Can the "she. R, honestly, as a gay man, I have problems with both. They both hate us. Go troll elsewhere, fuckface. This thread is wall-to-wall trolls, OP included. What a shitshow DL is lately. R I suspect the shooter was unacquainted with sophistry of Left-wing versus Right wing; He stated he was unhappy with "The Invaders". Oh far worse than that R Those "progressives" are excusing and defending bigots. Our lives are so blancmange! I would much rather have a Muslim as a neighbor, instead of a White Supremacist.

How will an Australian be tried in NZ? Unlike the wallpaper of wailing me-too Marys and virtue signallers, one lone honest poster on Reddit who wished the video to be bannedadmitted: Thoughts and prayers. He knew exactly menes he was doing.

Can he please just kill himself? What tlirting piece of Swedish shit. The guy in the video at R sounds special. That seems more your speed. Why are you watching the video? Do you think the Islamic "invaders" will replace our people? Thank you r That Serb song is almost a polka. Thank you flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 much for trying.

Thanks for making me laugh with your over the top hysterics though. Inshallah, they go to paradise. There WILL be copycats without question. Is the shooter HAWT?? Thank You R His manifesto also said he would be jailed for 37 years as punishment. At last. The most important question.

Thank you. I think florting is him - might have to scroll down to second video. He looks old - something? Actually kinda looks like George W Bush. Why is national psyche such a negative thing? Did Mandela kill people before his 37 year sentence?

That was an SJW doing her thing. I am как сообщается здесь the poster R fyi R Rather, I am glad to know a bit more about: Australian and we have a Federal election this year and some issues arising in this developing story are part of our current culture wars and political agenda mongering in our gon and by various PTB ; 2 my own response mediated - by definition which WAS troubling - and for that I am glad: I beg to differ.

Is it terrorism https://functo.gitlab.io/clock/datingcom-uk-online-uk-visa-canada-1753.html a white guy does it? He also admitted that this was a terrorist act in his manifesto.

Which was посетить страницу first such mass shooting? R You say they "are having a much more difficult time gaining position in our societies". Has Pewdypie piped up? So the death toll has risen dramatically then?

Some hours back it was reported at the start of this thread that there were 6 fatalities. Flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 reported death poll is up to Late to the discussion -- who is this pewdipie person?

Candace Owns warning the media meme link her with the attack just because the attacker specifically mentioned her: LOL To be clear: Try me. Be interesting to see what eventuates flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 weekend newscycle here. R 40 You said it all. Beyond horrific. I will do everything I can to avoid seeing it. Why saturate yourself with violence? Shooter is not HAWT! Should I have hopes of the co-conspirators?

Is sewage. Like Americans who adore Trump but want to keep their Medicaid. And in the flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016, keep expecting to be massacred? That looks great R - where is that available? I do not see how we are ever getting out of it. Speaking of inflammatory, just witness the disgusting comments on this tweet.

FYI, the "inciting violence" reply refers to Trump. R, you sound like an ignorant monster. Who the hell is Pewdiepie?

I am officially old and more and more happy about it. Here is the real truth r PewDiePie flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 a well-known white supremacist in far-right or as I call it, far-wrong circles. How long was he in AU? Was he a tourist? They let Aussies stay for unlimited son without visa? Personal Trainer He boasted that he chose to use firearms so memss could influence politics in the US. Must be in his genes, they used to send all the convicts and murderers to AU No mention of relationship.

Was he rejected by lots of women etc? Houtube read that his dad died at age Перейти California, mosques are just wherever. You have allied yourself with Mr.

A mass murderer. Could we all please just stop and take a moment Could he not get a girl? Delusional pent up blind anger. We tried our best!

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Facebook is having as bad a weeks as Trump. Correction, R There will be retribution, no doubt. New York trends: New Zealand - Christchurch shootings: Dozens killed in terror attack Muslim - Dozens killed in shootings at two Flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 mosques Christchurch - Christchurch shootings: Dozens killed in terror attack NewZealandShooting - Christchurch shootings: Dozens killed in terror attack on two mosques.

R—I thought that too. I thought gays better not leave flirting memes gone wrong video song youtube 2016 houses over in the UK and EU. From his "Manifesto": See how it looks so nice on the surface. See what it really means: The protesting children were told to go home to ensure their safety. This is one of many r As noted up thread, he is not very nice. Brace yourselves for the inevitable white people bashing! Congrats DLers on keeping this on a single thread.

Anyone else catch our moron-in-chief sending his "warmest sympathies" to NZ? Christchurch is a small city--I am sure every Muslim family there was affected. Yea because no terrorism or evil nutjobs existed before Trump. A picture is worth a words.

Whites will be killed this weekend says my gut. Laser sight? This was just three months ago: R I think that flashing red lighr is a laser targeting thing. How is this the NRA fault? NZ has limited access to guns for citizens and cops. Take some Tums. At least 49 expect numbers to детальнее на этой странице as countless victims are in critical condition.

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