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Juan Carlos Pareira Contact Address: Columbia, POB Age: Married Sex: Lots Next Of Kin: Self-employed Country: Columbia Nationality: Columbian Your Reference and Batch number are at the top of this mail: YM На что он написал: Dear Juan Carlos Pareira, We are happy узнать больше recieve your response to your prize money award won mu the monthly wide outreach lottery games show.

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The sum of Four Hundred and Seventy-Five ThousandBritish Pounds Sterling has been won by your e-mail address which was selected from the lottery game.

This is to ensure that your winnings is claimed at the appropiate time given by the organiser. We have reviewed your information and we are glad to let you know that we disburse our clients in these options which will uk login my account yahoo password decided by you. uk login my account yahoo password

Through bank transfer to your account within 24hrs of request to the bank. Through courier check delivery to your doorstep within 24hrs of passwird to the courier company. uk login my account yahoo password

Visit to our annex accountt in England in person with adequate proof. That we agent or anybody do not have any authorisation смотрите подробнее the organiser to deduct any expenses or whatsoever from you cliam prize until delivered to you.

So Beware!!! We await your reply on how you want to recieve your prize money from our options listed above. Always include your Batch number in your subsequent correspondence to us. uk login my account yahoo password

И мой ответ: Send the courier me. I can no go London - yankees arrest me and put to jail. ™ The Leading Free Online Dating Site for Singles & Personals

Me no like перейти. And me bank accounts arrested. Send me check. He brings check to me.

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Muchos gracias Juan Пусть попробуют тока посетить страницу источник зажопить моё бабло - я на них киллеров нашлю. Второй скамер мне понравился куда больше, но он молчит. Может испугался. uk login my account yahoo password to adentify yourself to me.

My dear friendo Wenco Junior! In facto I worko with cocaino very much! Looking forwardo to worko with you and your friendo Genie from Parkinstan! Besto regardo Juan Carlos Pareira. Reply Thread Link. Reply Parent Thread Link. uk login my account yahoo password

Абдула себя исчерпал, мне стало скучно с ним базарить, после того, как жмите стал иудеем и я забил на. Нада чё-та новенькое. Мог бы написать sometimes camels или чего там у вас в Колумбии водится. Завидую упорству Амбы и наличию свободного времени. uk login my account yahoo password

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